Great Book of Lecan

The Great Book of Lecan ("Leabhar Mór Leacain") is an medieval Irish manuscript written between 1397 and 1418. It is in the possession of the Royal Irish Academy and should not be confused with the Yellow Book of Lecan, an earlier and more complete manuscript. [ [ Jones' Celtic Encyclopedia] ]

"Leabhar Mór Leacain" is written in Middle Irish and was created by Adam ó Cuirnín for Gilla Isu mac Fir Bisigh. The material within was transcribed from the Book of Leinster, latter copies of the Book of Invasions, the dinsenchas, the banshenchas and the Book of Rights. [ [ Jones' Celtic Encyclopedia] ]

At one stage it was owned by James Ussher. James II of England then deposited it at the Irish College, Paris. In 1787, the Chevalier O'Reilly returned it to Ireland; where it was at one stage in the possession of Charles Vallancey. He passed it on to the Royal Irish Academy. [Mary Frances Cusack, ‘’An Illustrated History of Ireland’’ Project Gutenberg eBook]

There were originally 30 folios; the first nine were apparently lost in 1724. The pages are unfortunately covered in a greasy substance which makes them transparent and reduces their legibility. [ [ Jones' Celtic Encyclopedia] ]

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