List of suggested topics for computer networking research

List of suggested topics for computer networking research.

Further reading for acquiring an in-depth understanding of computer networks include:

* Communication theory

Data transmission

Wired transmission

* Public switched telephone network
** Modems and dialup
* Dedicated lines — leased lines
* Time-division multiplexing(TDM)
* Packet switching
* Frame relay
* Ethernet
* RS-232
* RS-485
* Optical fiber transmission
** Synchronous optical networking(SONET)
** Fiber distributed data interface

Wireless transmission

* Extreme Short range
** ZigBee
* Short range
** Bluetooth
** InfraRed(IrDA)
* Medium range
** WiFi(IEEE 802.11)
** WiMax(IEEE 802.16)
* Long range
** Satellite
** Mobile phone data transmission (channel access methods)
*** CDMA
*** CDPD
*** GSM
*** TDMA
** Paging networks
*** DataTAC
*** Mobitex
*** Motient



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