Bury (disambiguation)

Bury is a town in northern England.

Bury may also refer to:
*The burial of human remains.
*Bury (professional wrestling), a slang term used in the world of wrestling.
*HMS Bury, a Hunt class minesweeper of the Royal Navy from World War I.
*Bury F.C., a professional football team based in the town.

*Metropolitan Borough of Bury, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, with HQ at Bury
*Bury, Cambridgeshire.
*Bury, West Sussex
*Bury St Edmunds, a town in Suffolk.
* Bury, Oise
*Bury, Quebec

* Bernard de Bury (1720 – 1785), French musician
* Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury (1881 – 1963), Irish explorer and botanist
* Charlotte Bury (1775 - 1861), English novelist
* Chris Bury (born 1953), American journalist
* Greg Bury, Canadian badminton player
* Horace Bury, a character in the novel The Mote in God's Eye
* Jan Bury (born 1963), Polish politician
* John Bury (captain), Master Mariner
* John Bury (theatre designer), British theatre designer
* John Bagnell Bury, historian
* Józef Bury (b. 1961), Polish artist
* Pol Bury

ee also

*Bury, Curtis, and Kennedy, British locomotive builder

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