Peter Crockaert

Peter Crockaert, known as Peter of Brussels, (c.1465-1514) was a Flemish scholastic philosopher. ["...a scholastic of some genius", [] .] Initially he was a pupil of John Mair and a follower of William of Ockham. Later he joined the Dominican Order, and became a supporter of orthodox Thomism. [ [] , from the 1909 history by Maurice De Wulf.] [" first an ardent disciple of the Scot, John Mair, and like him a nominalist, he became a Dominican in 1503 and displayed the greatest zeal for St. Thomas Aquinas." [] ] He taught at the University of Paris, ["In the first decade of the century Peter Crockaert (died 1514), a Belgian working in Paris, had substituted the Summa Theologiae for what had previously been the standard text for theological instruction, viz. the 'Sentences' of Peter Lombard." John Haldane, " [ 1998 Aquinas Lecture] ".] and is known for a number of commentaries, on Aristotle and Peter of Spain as well as on Aquinas.


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