List of premiers of British Columbia

This is a list of the premiers of British Columbia, Canada, since joining the Confederation in 1871. British Columbia uses a unicameral Westminster-style parliamentary government, in which the premier is the leader of the party that controls the most seats in the Legislative Assembly. The premier acts as British Columbia's head of government, while the Queen of Canada acts as its head of state and is represented by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The premier picks a cabinet from the elected members to form the Executive Council of British Columbia, and presides over that body.

Members are first elected to the legislature during general elections. General elections must be conducted every four years from the date of the last election. An election may also happen if the Governing party loses the confidence of the legislature, by the defeat of a supply bill or tabling of a confidence motion.

This article only covers the time since British Columbia joined the Canadian Confederation was in 1871. Prior to the joining, it was a British colony governed by the Governors of British Columbia. Until 1903, British Columbia did not use a party system.

Premiers of British Columbia


note label|Note1|a|a 1note label|Note1|a|2 Hart's and Johnson's premierships were under coalition governments of the Liberals and Conservatives.


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