Speed pool

Speed pool

Speed pool is a solitary pool game. As its name suggests, one Cuegloss|Pocket|pockets all the balls on the table as quickly as possible. It can played competitively with the aid of a stopwatch.


*The Cuegloss|Cue ball|cue ball must not be in motion when shooting:*Cuegloss|Object ball|Object balls "can" still be in motion when shooting
*Ball and pocket must be Cuegloss|Called shot|called, (No Cuegloss|Fluke|flukeing the balls in)
*Legal shots must be made — a 10-second penalty will be incurred for each Cuegloss|Foul|foul.:*A legal shot involves the cue ball contacting an object ball, and driving it to a Cuegloss|Cushion|cushion, or the cue ball hitting a cushion after contact, or pocketing an object ball
*Any ball may be pocketed, except that the Cuegloss|8 ball|8 ball must be last.


Observing professionals, one can see them running madly around the table to place their next shot. Unlike most billiard games, the cue ball is mostly used with a Cuegloss|Stop shot|stop shot to minimize the waiting time. Cuegloss|Bank shot|Bank shots are legal, but time-consuming, and thus rare. A legal shot to just nudge the object ball for Cuegloss|Shape|shape on a subsequent easy shot is preferred.


Because speed pool is a very modern variation in pool, there are few tournaments devoted to it. One notable event was the International Speed Pool Tournament which was broadcast on ESPN.clarifyme The games played in this event included one based on straight pool as well as the more common version described above, which is derived from eight-ball. The object in each match was to play all games with a shorter total time than other players. Luc Salvas won this event and the US$50,000 winner-take-all purse.

Notable professional players

*Dave Pearson ("the Ginger Wizard")
*Jason Kane
*Luc Salvas
*Jeanette Lee ("the Black Widow")
*Bobby McGrath


* [http://www.vnea-dallas.com/Documents/Speed-Pool-Rules-Of-Play.pdf One set of rules] , from the Valley National Eight-ball Association
* [http://scorers.members.beeb.net/docpt1.pdf "Game Rules"] ; Hackett, Geoff; "Speed Pool Timer — Digital Pool Timer Board: Operator & Reference Handbook", page 6; 2002

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