Tama may mean:


* Sam Fatu, a professional wrestler, uses this name amongst others
* Tama Janowitz, an American writer
* Hosokawa Tama ( _ja. 細川 玉), a Japanese noblewoman
* nickname for Tamara
* Tama (Cascade), a Japanese musician, formerly of the band Cascade
* Tama (Hysteric Blue), a Japanese musician, formerly of the band Hysteric Blue
* Tama (Porno Graffitti), a Japanese musician, formerly of the band Porno Graffitti


* Tama ( _ja. 魂), part of the soul in the Japanese Shinto faith, roughly equivalent to ghost, spirit, or soul
* Tama (plural "tamata"), a votive deposit or ex-voto used in the Eastern Orthodox Churches
* Tama-nui-te-rā, the personification of the Sun in Māori mythology


* Tama, Iowa, a city
* Tama County, Iowa
* Tama, La Rioja, Argentina
* Tama, Musashi ( _ja. 多摩郡), an old district in Musashi Province
** Tama Area ( _ja. 多摩地域), the western portion of Tokyo Prefecture
*** Tama Hills, an expanse of hills stretching along the southwestern flank of Tokyo
**** Tama New Town, a residential development in the Tama Hills
*** Tama, Tokyo ( _ja. 多摩市), a municipality classified as a city, in western Tokyo
**** Tama Hills, A USAF Installation in Tama, Tokyo
*** Nishitama, Tokyo ( _ja. 西多摩郡), a district in Tokyo
*** Tama River ( _ja. 多摩川), a river in Japan
**** Tama-chan, an Arctic seal living in the Tokyo area which became a national celebrity in 2002
** Tama-ku, Kawasaki ( _ja. 多摩区), a ward in Kawasaki, Kanagawa


* 1089 Tama ( _ja. 多摩), an asteroid
* TAMA 300, a gravitational wave detector
* TAMA (video game), a Playstation launch game
* Tama (spider), a genus of Tree trunk spiders
* Tama (cat), a cat who is a stationmaster of a Japanese railway station.
* Tama Drums, a Japanese brand manufactured by Hoshino Gakki
* Tama people, an ethnic group in Sudan
* Tama language, their language
* Word for darkness in some Slavic languages
* Tama Toshi Monorail Line ( _ja. 多摩都市モノレール線), in Tokyo, Japan
* A type of talking drum in Senegal
* Tama (novel), by Winnifred Eaton
* a minor Kazakh Jüz "horde", numbering ca. 40-45,000
* Tama-chan ("full name" Onsen Tamago), a turtle pet character in "Love Hina"

See also

*Tama, Podlaskie Voivodeship (north-east Poland)
*Tama, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (south-central Poland)

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