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Johnny Dare

Johnny Dare (born Johnathan Caprefoli on August 27th, 1968) is a Kansas City radio personality.


Johnny Dare, born in Memphis, TN, but a native of Olathe, Kansas, has been a popular morning radio personality since August 1993, when his show premiered. His show, "The Johnny Dare Morning Show,"(Formerly the Johnny Dare and Murphy in the Morning Show, with former co-host Murphy Wells) is hosted by KQRC 98.9 "The Rock," an Entercom station.

The show is co-hosted by WDAF-TV reporter Carrie Coogan. Coogan's naïvette is the perfect foil for Dare's more edgy wit. Coogan is also known for her affection toward wearing coats on a daily basis, even when indoors. In Fact, she often wears raincoats/trenchcoats even when the weather does not warrant a coat's use. Although Carrie has been with the show for 4 years in a 'filling in' capacity, she refuses to officially become the show's co-host for fear of embarrassment from being associated with the show's crude, and sometimes outrageous antics.

Others on the show include T-Bone, Jake The Phone Snake and Gregg. Also often featured on the show is the program director, Bob Edwards. Johnny often takes the opportunity to give Bob as much grief as he possibly can, most times referring to him as "A-Hole Bob". Comedian Bob Zaney co-hosts the news with Carrie on a regular basis. Other regulars on the show include sports journalist Leif Lisec (Sports News) and comedian and amateur movie critic, Pat Dixon.

Demonstrating increasing popularity are the parody songs or 'jingles' which are written and performed throughout the show by Gregg Todt. The parody songs generally make light of current events or celebrities in the news. The listeners will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite parody songs from 2007 on the show's MySpace page, such as "Lips of an A-Hole," "Freezing Rain," or "The Paris Hilton Song," just to name a few. Gregg Todt is also the lead singer and guitarist for the Kansas City band named 'Federation of Horsepower' which performed second stage at Rockfest 2007. Gregg is also known for his personal bit on the show "Melodramatic Man" in which he recites the lyrics to new and old rock songs in a shakespearian tone. Johnny grants each winning listener an extra large, one-size-fits-all, poly-cotton blend, "98.9 The Rock" T-Shirt.

Jake the Phone Snake made an uncredited appearance in the movie "(2004). Johnny's favorite quote from the movie is "Where'd you get that hand grenade?". T-bone is known for his loud and slightly high-pitch stutter that seems to be exacerbated when Johnny taunts him. His open and frequent use of prescription medications (namely Adderall, and Prozac) coupled with his agitated demeanor on the show and his weight, earned him the nicknames 'Tweeks McGee', 'Aunt T' and 'Chunks McGee.' Although eccentric on the air, Johnny, Jake, Gregg, and T are all long-time friends, Johnny speaks frequently of past encounters and experiences with Jake, Gregg and T. Apparently the now 39 year-old-Johnny and Gregg have been friends since Johnny was 16 years old.

According to interview with the Kansas City Star [Published on 2005-03-13, Page F2, Kansas City Star, The (MO)] , Murphy Wells, the show's original co-host left the show for health reasons in mid-March 2004. She was un-officially replaced with Carrie Coogan.

Trademarks and trivia

Johnny is known for his long hair, a raspy voice, his black clothing and love of Harley Davidson motorcycles, He currently owns two, A "Heritage Soft-tail Classic" and a 2008 FLHX "Street Glide". He also has a perverted sense of humor, and loves playing jokes. Johnny helped popularize "The Shocker"Fact|date=August 2007 gesture, the phrase "Hot Mouth," and the word "Mouth Hug." Ron White uses "mouth hug" in his stand-up routine and gives Johnny credit for the phrase.

Johnny dropped out of Olathe South High School.

Johnny hosts a yearly concert in Kansas City called "Rockfest."

He is an avid dog-lover, and had dogs growing up. His 13 year K-9 companion was Elvis, an "Australian Blue Heeler" cattle dog, who was with him before he became a radio personality. When Elvis died, Johnny was devastated and talked about him on the air quite often to celebrate his memory and grieve for his loss. A little over a year later, he adopted Barger, also an Australian Shepherd mix puppy. Johnny brings Barger into the studio everyday and while sitting under the radio equipment he let's him nibble on the remains of his apple cores, avoiding the seeds of course.

He gave up a long-time habit of smoking, and shared his tribulations with his listeners. Johnny and one of his co-hosts Gregg had a running bet at the end of 2007 that Johnny could not quit drinking for 60 days and Gregg could not permanently quit smoking and lose weight to get below 250 pounds. The stipulations of the bet were that if Gregg failed to drop his pack-a-day habit and lose the weight, Gregg would have to get a tattoo of a hamburger on his butt. If Gregg won the bet and Johnny failed to complete his sixty days of sobriety, then Johnny would have to shave his trademark long hair. Gregg lost the bet by three pounds and got the hamburger tattoo live on the air. Pics can be seen at

He was once chased out of a bar by a cross-dressing cop at a cross-dresser convention. The odd pair became friends after a few phone calls on the air. Becka the Cop came to Kansas City for the grand opening of "Johnny Dare's" the now-defunct rock club.

Video of Johnny crowd-surfing in a giant clear ball when Godsmack took the stage at Rockfest 2007 are available at MyspaceTV [ [ Vidéos MySpaceTV : Johnny Dare In The Bubble par BERGER ] ] .

Johnny appeared in several televised local advertisements in Kansas City for A.B.I.A (A Bargain Insurance Agency) in the early 1990s.


Johnny is a huge supporter and Honorary Chairman of "Bikers for Babies" a charity motorcycle ride which raises money for the March of Dimes. In 2007, he helped "rally" 8,510 Riders to raise almost $750,000, which brought the grand total to over $3,100,000 for the 13 year history of the fundraising campaign. The Kansas City ride is by far the largest one in the country for the March of Dimes.

Other contributions to charitable activities include the annual "Hope for the Holidays" drive, generally held during the holiday season by KQRC. "Hope for the Holiday's" benefits local under-privileged families. Listeners experiencing 'tough times' may call or write in to explain their current situation, other listeners then call in and donate to the families. The slogan for "Hope for the Holidays" is "It's not a hand-out, it's a hand-up."


In December 2004, the Federal Communications Commission proposed fines totaling $220,000 against Entercom Communications for alleged indecency violations during multiple broadcasts in April and May 2002 of the Morning Show on KQRC-FM in Kansas City, Kansas, and KFH-AM in Wichita, Kansas.

The FCC claimed that the material included repeated graphic and explicit sexual descriptions that were pandering, titillating or used to shock the audience. As justification for proposing the maximum fine, the Commission noted "the egregious nature of the violations and Entercom's history of prior indecent broadcasts."

The Commission's official Notice ran 28 pages-including 18 pages of transcripts for the four alleged violations.

The FCC rejected Entercom's contention that, because KQRC generally enjoys high ratings, "the contemporary community standards of the Kansas City listening community are such that the material is not patently offensive."

Entercom further argued that the FCC's definition of indecency was "unconstitutionally vague and overbroad" [, page 2] siting "Reno v. ACLU" and "Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition".

The Commission said that the notion of contemporary standards is not different in different regions of the country, but reflects "an average broadcast listener" and isn't tied to "any particular geographic area."

In addition, the FCC said that a station's popularity doesn't reflect acceptance of the broadcast material by the local community: "Whether particular material is actionably indecent does not turn on whether the station that broadcast it [or the program] happens to be popular in its particular market."

Finally, the Federal Communications Commission denied Entercom's assertions of the unconstitutionality of its definition of indecency, stating in conclusion, "The constitutional validity of the Commission's indecency standard has been repeatedly affirmed by the courts" [, page 8] and that "Ashcroft v. Free Speech Commission" and "Reno v. ACLU" did not alter this conclusion. [, page 8]

The FCC 'Notice of Apparent Liability For Forfeiture' dated December 22, 2004, asserts that the fines were assessed for four separate on-air incidents which occurred on April 4, April 29, May 2, and May 3, 2002 [, pages 4-7] . The April 4 incident was in response to an on-air game of "Naked Twister" with local female contestants [, page 4] . The April 29th Incident stemmed from and interview with pornographic film star Dave Cummings in which he (Mr. Cummings) describes the events of the "2002 Wildlife Productions Anal Contest" in graphic detail [, page 5] . The incident on May 2 similarly stemmed from an interview with pornographic film star Ron Jeremy, particularly their discussion of Mr. Jeremy's ability to "self-fellate" and his graphic descriptions of sexual encounters with an obese woman [, page 6] . The final incident specifically named in the FCC notice occurred on May 3, 2002 when Sunset Thomas, a pornographic actress, was "masturbated on-air to orgasm with a vibrator" with assistance from T-Bone. [, page 7] .



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