Lobe (anatomy)

In anatomy, a lobe is a clear anatomical division or extension [eMedicineDictionary|lobe] [Dorlands|l_13|12500046] that can be determined without the use of a microscope (at the gross anatomy level.) This is in contrast to a lobule, which is a clear division only visible histologically. [ [http://www.siumed.edu/~dking2/intro/glands.htm#5 SIU SOM Histology GI ] ]

In practice, this division can be somewhat subjective. For example, it can be difficult to precisely distinguish between a interlobar duct and a interlobular duct.

Furthermore, the distinction is not universally accepted, and some sources simply consider a lobule to be a small lobe. [Dorlands|l_13|12500626]

Examples of lobes/lobules

* The four lobes of the human cortex
** the frontal lobe
** the parietal lobe
** the occipital lobe
** the temporal lobe
*The three lobes of the human cerebellum
** the flocculonodular lobe
** the anterior lobe
** the posterior lobe
* the earlobe
* lobes of the lung
** Right lung: superior, middle, inferior
** Left lung: superior and inferior
* the liver
** Left lobe of liver
** Right lobe of liver
** Quadrate lobe of liver
** Caudate lobe of liver
** Hepatic lobule
* the kidney
** Renal lobe and cortical lobule


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