Saga (disambiguation)

Saga may refer to:

Old Norse

*Saga, stories in Old Norse about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, etc.
*Icelanders' sagas, prose histories mostly describing events that took place during and following the Age of Settlement
*Sága, a goddess in Norse mythology.


*Saga Prefecture, a prefecture of Japan
**Saga, Saga, the capital of Saga Prefecture
*Saga (Kyoto district), a district in Kyoto
*Emperor Saga (786–842), ruler of Japan from 809 to 823
*Nabeshima clan, also known as the Saga family, a clan of Japanese nobles
*Saga (gunboat), a gunboat

In computer science

*SAGA, a Simple API for Grid Applications
*"Saga" can also refer to a long-running transaction

In contemporary culture

*Saga (alice nine), bassist of Visual Kei band Alice Nine
*Saga (UK), a UK-based organisation for senior citizens
*Saga (band), a Canadian rock band
*Saga (food), an Indian dish of fried leafy vegetables
*Saga (music), a chamber concerto inspired by the Icelandic Eddic lays composed by Ezequiel Viñao
*Saga (novel) by Erico Verissimo
*Saga (singer), a Swedish female Neo-Nazi singer
*SAGA (standart) - German "Standards and Architectures for E-Government Applications" (Standards und Architekturen für E-Government)
*Saga (tree), a South East Asian tree which produces hard red seeds
*Urza's Saga, from Magic: The Gathering
*Proton Saga, the first car produced by Malaysian auto manufacturer Proton
*SaGa, a video game franchise
*Saga (2008 video game), an upcoming MMORTS from Silverlode Interactive
*Saga Musical Instruments, a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of stringed instruments
*Saga DAB radio, a British radio station
*SAGA, a game engine
*1163 Saga, an asteroid
*SAGA System, a role-playing game system
*Saga, the antagonist of the Fifth movie of the anime One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
*Gemini Saga, one of the twelve legendary Gold Knights in Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kuramada
*Saga (novel), a book by Conor Kostick

In business

*Saga Falabella, a department store chain in Peru
*Saga Group, for people over 50
*Saga Petroleum LLC
*Saga Petroleum, acquired by Norsk Hydro in 1999

In biology

* Abrus precatorius, or Saga, a leguminous tree
* Saga ephippigera, a type of grasshopper


*Saga County, county in Tibet
*Saga cheese, a blue cheese
*The Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Haverford College
*Kamen Rider Saga, the third Rider from Kamen Rider Kiva

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