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Good Entertainment

Good Entertainment (Official name: Good Entertainment Media Group. Also known as "Good! Enter") is record label owned by CJ Music that was formed April 2003. Most notably, they are the current producer of popular boy band Shinhwa (after the band left SM Entertainment). Other popular artists that are under them are Battle, a boy band that is market to be the next Shinhwa (meaning legend), and the solo singer, Lyn.




Shinhwa is by far Good Entertainment's most successful artist. Having left their old record label SM Entertainment in 2003, the group signed with Good Entertainment, releasing two successful albums under it. Though still a band, the members of Shinhwa all have left the label (excluding Hye Sung) to start their own and to concetrate on their solo activities. The members of Shinhwa can be seen hosting television game shows, acting in movies or drama, as well as music videos, or collaborating with other artists (both as a group and as solo artist) when not recording.

hin Hye Sung

Shin Hye Sung is the lead vocalist of Shinhwa, and the only one left still under the management as a solo artist. He has released two successful solo albums, rivaling his fellow bandmates Lee Min Woo and Kim Dong Wan as all three are solo artists.

Charlie Park

Charlie Park, Park Young Chul (박영철), is the father of Jun Jin, a member of Shinhwa. After his son and his bandmates sign with Good Entertainment, Park follow his son and sign in as well, releasing a successful album call "Casanova Sarang" in 2004. Though Park is feature in some of Shinhwa's concert or performance, he has since disappeared from the public's eyes.


Battle can be consider to be Good Entertainment's next most successful artist, behind their mentor Shinhwa. Each of the members were found through a reality television show call, "Let's Cokeplay Battle Shinhwa!" and all were chosen by how strong their dancing and singing skills are. They have released two singles with mediocre sales.


SunMin is a female singer who speaks Korean, Japanese and English. She debuted in 2006, with the single "Keep holding you", a collaboration with the Japanese R&B singer Kubota for the Nihon Chinbotsu (Sinking of Japan) soundtrack. Her career is currently focused on Japanese market. She has collaborated with Shin Hye Sung for the Korean version of "Keep Holding You."


Lyn is a female singer who was first scouted by an agency because of her voice and from there, she first made her debut under her real name, Lee Se-jin, and released an album. The album sold poorly and was barely known. Lyn then took some time off to train vocally. She made a comeback in 2002 under the name Lyn with her supposedly first album "Have You Ever Have A Broken Heart?" She was very successful and released a few more albums afterward. She has also collaborated with Eric Mun of Shinhwa for her song, 궁금해.


Eddie, an R&B singer, made his debut in 2006 with releasing two singles call "Love Twenty" and "Lost in Love". He later released his debut album, "Just My Way". "Just My Way" was produced by singer Wheesung. He has feature artists like Masta Wu, Soulstar and Wheesung in his songs.


DIARY OF THE FIVE GIRLS is a girl band that Good Enter is planning to release soon. Though an official name is not yet release, media have nickname them DIARY OF THE FIVE GIRLS. Most of the girls were seen before as they have been featured in either Shinhwa's music videos or have been in the public eye. DIARY OF THE FIVE GIRLS is said to have: Gina Choi, Yang Jiwon, Jun Hyosung, and Kim Yoojin.cite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title= New Idol Groups? | date=| publisher= | url =| work= | pages = | accessdate = 2007-12-07 | language = English] The 5th member was suppose to be Kim Yoobin, but in early September 2007, she was switched to JYP as Hyun A's replacement in the girl band Wonder Girls. [cite news|last=Kim|first=Won-gyum|title=원더걸스, 새멤버 공개..19세 김유빈|url =|publisher=Star News|language=Korean|date=2007-09-05|accessdate=2007-10-08]

Lee Ye Rin

Lee Ye Rin made her debut in late 2007, releasing the single "Come Closer To Me." It was a minor hit and didn't made a big impact in the music industry.


Please note that while the members of Shinhwa are not under Good Entertainment as solo artists, they are still under as Shinhwa.

Eric Mun

Mun Eric is the leader and main rapper of Shinhwa. Mun is best known, outside of Shinhwa, as an actor in the two dramas, "The Phoenix" and "Super Rookie". He has starred in various other dramas and movies as well, though none of them has achieve the success that he had with the previous two dramas. Other than acting, Mun also collaborates with other singers, such as pop star Lee Hyori's "Anymotion" as well as Lyn's song, 궁금해. He left Good Entertainment in 2007 to start his own label called "Top Class Entertainment". Mun has yet to release a solo album.

Lee Min Woo

Lee Min Woo is a vocalist for Shinhwa. He was the first one out of the band to start out a solo career (in 2003) and has since release three successful albums. Though his first two albums were with Good Entertainment, Lee left the management around the same time Mun did to create his own call "M Rising Entertainment", where his third album was release under. Besides singing, Lee also starred in the movie, "Holy Daddy" (aka "Wontak's Angel"). Besides singing and acting, Lee also write lyrics and produce some of Shinhwa's song as well as to other singers. He is also the choreographer of Shinhwa.

Kim Dong Wan

Kim Dong Wan is a vocalist in Shinhwa, though he would not sing large parts in Shinhwa's song until the release of their 7th album, " Brand New". Kim started out his solo career as an actor, as he did mention that he prefers acting to singing. Though his roles in the dramas "A Farewell to Sorrow" and "Children of Heaven" garnered him rave reviews, he did achieve the success even if that just started. Kim released his first solo album on July 5, 2007, achieving greater success in his singing career than his acting career and has since say that he now prefers singing. Kim left the Good Entertainment around the same time his fellow bandmates did, participated in a new company called "H2 Entertainment".On May 8,2008,Kim released his second solo album,which was "Secret".As a gift for fans before entering military, Kim made an effort of the album and also got success.

Jun Jin

Jun Jin, son to singer Charlie Park, is the secondary rapper in Shinhwa. Though he started out as a rapper, he has since began singing smaller parts in the release of Shinhwa's fifth album. Since then, he has ventured out to singing solo songs and finally releasing a single in 2006. Besides singing, Park also act in various dramas. His best known role was in the drama " Forbidden Love". Park also left Good Entertainment around the same time his fellow bandmates did to start his own call "JF Story Entertainment".

Andy Lee

Andy Lee is the third rapper in Shinhwa. Lee left the band to continue his studies during the group's fourth album, causing some controversy over why he did. However, he return for the group's fifth album and has since never left again. Lee began his acting career as an actor, acting in many banjun dramas and garnering attentions due to his chemistry with Lee Jin, former member of the girl band Fin.K.L. He also starred in the musical, "Music In My Heart (Season 3)", having the lead role. Lee left Good Entertainment around the same time his bandmates did, creating his own call "ND (New Dream) Entertainment".



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