Blueprint education

Blueprint education

Blueprint Education is a non-profit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona providing distance learning, curriculum design, and alternative education to students and schools in all 50 states and 20 countries around the world. Founded in 1969, Blueprint Education first offered correspondence learning to migrant worker families in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Blueprint Education offers middle and high school courses that are compatible in content to traditional schools in the United States. Students may take courses either to make up classes or to accelerate the educational process in order to graduate early. Each student learns at his or her own pace through an open-entry/open-exit system.

In 1994, Blueprint Education created a [ partnership] with school districts to extend their students educational needs through alternative methods of learning. The mission of Kids at Hope Academies based on the [ Kids at Hope] Belief system is to provide quality service to individuals and institutions through innovations in education. Kids at Hope Academies serves 20 districts, 60 schools for children grades 4th - 12th in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona State University ("Baker & Martinez 1999") evaluated the effectiveness of the Kids at Hope Program enhancements. Almost 2,000 students studied. Statistically significant results demonstrated Kids at Hope positively influenced two success factors; identifying interested caring adults and feeling a sense of acceptance and belonging. Other scales also showed promise including: reporting better grades and participating in extracurricular activities.

Arizona State University West ("Bernat, 2002") evaluated the Kids at Hope training programs and found overall a positive impact on attendees. "Almost all attendees who did not believe all youth are capable of success became believers." The training affected how the attendees thought about youth, their relationships with youth and what they can do to become better influences in the lives of youth. A number of attendees (15%) indicated the training provided them with better insight about youth and what they can do to help youth succeed. Accordingly, 17% stated that new programs or services were developed in their organizations based on the trainings.


Curriculum is designed specifically to work around students lives offering 250 courses for grades 7 through 12, allowing learners to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Distance Learning courses are fully accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the [ Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation ] and accepted by schools and colleges worldwide.

Founding Philosophy and Mission Statement

The one principle that unites the programs and people of Blueprint Education is: the belief that all students, throughout the world—no matter what gender, age, or race—share the opportunity to learn.

Self-motivated students are provided with education and opportunities for success. By using these opportunities to their full potential, students gain a higher level of understanding and appreciation that translates into every part of their lives, now and in the future.

The ideal situation for educational success according to Blueprint Education, is: a student who has the highest level of support and care at home, can easily learn in a classroom setting, has the appropriate time to study, and the capacity to learn and relearn material as necessary.

Typically this is not the case since families throughout the world are in unique situations, having complex lifestyles and personal standards that do not fit into one-size-fits all learning models. Blueprint Education believes that, no matter what the location or life circumstances, quality education will fit students individual needs.

Blueprint Education is an accredited learning organization based on measurements that are standard in every course. A flexible delivery system is provided that is designed around a students schedule. Students enroll at any time throughout the year and do not have to wait around for the next semester to begin.

Blueprint Education believes that students are an individual filled with potential. Students bring their own story, personal commitment, and desire to work towards goals - students potential to achieve is what motivates Blueprint Education to assist in the students educational journey.

It is the mission of Blueprint Education to commit to finding new ways to enable students to succeed.


Board of Directors

The voluntary Board of Directors, as the Blueprint Education governing body, is entrusted with the authority to establish policy for the governance of Blueprint Education. Board policy establishes the parameters and guidelines for board members, committees, management and staff.

Senior Staff

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all business operations, including management of the assets; hiring, training, promotion, discipline and termination of employees; and for establishing and maintaining the business organization and structure to efficiently conduct the management functions.The President acts as chief operating officer under the direction of the chief executive officer.The Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for instructional and research affairs. The Executive Director reports directly to the president.


* The Curriculum Director oversees the curriculum process on alignment issues as well as course updates and revisions.
* The Student Service Director provides the logistics and service for students. This director is instrumental in organizing efficiently and effectively service for students, parents and counselors and provides guidance for issues once students are enrolled.
* The Academic Director is a key role in the transcripts verifications and issuance as well as a liaison between students and teachers. They provide the experience and knowledge when it comes to translating academic content into accredited curriculum.
* The Marketing Director creates the organizations image, builds public relations and partnership ensuring that the appropriate message is relayed to the general public and potential clients.
* The Information Technology Director deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information.


Distance Learning

Private Pay
*Private Pay Enrollments: Students pay private tuition for Print Based (PB) and Self Paced Internet (SPI) catalog courses. Enrollment is open entry and self paced for grades 7-12. Standard and College Prep Diplomas are available.

*Catalog Course Enrollments: [ Blueprint Education] provides institutions (client) access to existing courses (PB or SPI). The institution provides instruction and facilitation in accordance with Blueprint Education guidelines. Upon notification of successful completion from the instructor, a credit is earned and transcript delivered.

*Custom High School Course Enrollments: Blueprint Education aligns the institution's (client) educational activities to high school credit. A Blueprint Education instructor grades the material. Upon successful completion, credit(s) is granted and a [ Blueprint Education] transcript is delivered. The count is based on student enrollment.

*Custom College Course Enrollments: Blueprint Education aligns the institution's (client) educational activities to a college approved course. A [ Blueprint Education] instructor grades the material. Upon successful completion, the college is notified and according to prior agreement, the college issues the appropriate grade and transcript.

Curriculum Design

Since 1969, [ Blueprint Education] has designed curriculum combining traditional academics with proven learning methods. Curriculum is created by certified content specialist who understand standards based education. By writing the curriculum, Blueprint Education provides students with a comprehensive educational program that addresses student needs, by offering students the flexibility to pursue academic goals. Courses aim to enable mastery of the subject at hand in addition to promotion of development of good character.

Alternative education

In 1994, Blueprint Education created a [ partnership] with school districts in the greater Maricopa County area to extend their students educational needs through alternative methods of learning. The focus of these programs are to provide unique, high quality service to individuals and institutions through powerful innovations in education. [ Blueprint Education] now serves over 20 districts, 60 schools and hundreds of children grades 4th - 12th in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Charter School

[ Blueprint Education] has been working with charter schools to provide curriculum and consulting since 1995. In 1998, Blueprint Education in a partnership with Deer Valley Unified School District became one of the first state funded virtual schools. This helped Blueprint Education gain necessary skills to open both a physical and virtual charter school.

* [ Hope High School Online] : In 2003, Hope High School Online opened as one of the seven selected virtual schools approved by the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools. Hope High School Online serves students in ninth through twelfth grades.

* [ Hope High School] : Located in West Phoenix, Hope High School is a tuition-free charter high school where students seek small, self-paced learning. The flexible learning environment works for students wanting to accelerate their graduation date, learn online, get back on track for graduation. Students are gifted learners or new to the West Phoenix, who are teen parents, or working part-time or full time, or transferring from other schools.


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