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Karma Shenjing (カーマ・シェンジン) is a Visual Kei rock group based in the Kansai area of Japan that formed in November 2002. [http://www.visualive.com/artistfile_k.html "Visual Live Artist File K"] Retrieved Sep 9 2007] In 2005, the band debuted overseas in the United States at Jrock Connection 2005 and returned the next year in 2006. [http://www.animecons.com/guests/bio.shtml/1535/Karma_Shenjing Anime Cons Guest Biography] Retrieved on Sep 07, 2007] They also performed at FanimeCon in 2007. [http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2007-04-04/fanimecon-announces-lineup-for-musicfest-2007 Anime News Network: "FanimeCon Announces Lineup for MusicFest 2007"] Retrieved on Sep 07, 2007]


*Rairin (來鈴), Vocals, was born on Dec 20th in Hyougo-ken.
*Ikuto (幾都), Guitar and Synthesizer, was born Feb 13th in Tottori-ken.
*Shino (祠乃), Guitar, was born Feb 14th in Okayama-ken.
*Sakika (咲華), Bass, was born Aug 22 in Yamagata-ken.


*"Rinne Jigokuhensouzu" (Demo CD 2003-4-26)
*"Kousousaisai Reiga" (Demo CD 2004-2-13)
*"Shikirakuyou Yumezuki" (Demo CD 2005-8-28)
*"Ruten Rinne" (Album Japan: 2006-1-25, USA: 2006-11-25)
*"The Seal of Reincarnation -USA Limited Version" (Live DVD 2006-11-25)



* [http://sound.jp/shenjing/ Official website]
* [http://www.myspace.com/karmashenjing/ Official MySpace]

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