Bill Myers

Bill Myers is an American Christian author, film director and film producer. He was born in Seattle, Washington September 9, 1953.

Myers is most notable for the largely successful animated series The Adventures of McGee and Me. He is an author of a wide range of genres, including comedy, thriller, fiction and non-fiction, and has written over 80 books targeting audiences of all ages.

About the Author

Bill Myers was born into a Christian home, and although as a child he became bored with Christianity, He decided at the University of Washington quote, to "make God my boss." Ironically, at the University his worst subject was writing. He claims to have prayed, and said that he would be able to do anything for God, except write. Even so, he has become a prominent Christian writer, and has a large amount of successful books and films to his credit.

His book series "The Adventures of McGee and Me" is about a typically average, mild-mannered boy named Nicholas Martin, who has what appears to be an imaginary friend named McGee. The series chronicles the boy's various adventures, all ending with him learning a moral or spiritual lesson.

Another moderately famous book series written by Myers is The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle. The series is about a self-defined klutz named Wally McDoogle. His typical unluckiness, and strange events that seem to always befall him, make the series popular among children coming from religious families, who are the author's target audience.

Another notable series written by Bill Myers is the Forbidden Doors series. Targeted for older audiences than the above. Forbidden Doors centers around three teens: Rebecca, Scott, and Ryan. The story involves the teens going against various supernatural forces, all related to Christian beliefs, primarily those of Protestants, about the supernatural. The series is usually dark because of its subject matter, but contains a Christian message about the belief of demons. Later books were not authored by Bill Myers, but by Robert G. DeMoss and James Riordan.

Bill Myers is also a filmmaker, and is responsible for the creation of the "McGee and Me" films. The films are mostly, if not completely based on the books Bill Myers wrote.

"The Dark Side of the Supernatural: What Is of God...and What Is Not" is a book written by Bill Myers for the purpose of answering questions that may have aroused from the Forbidden Doors series.



The Adventures of McGee and Me
*The Not-So-Great Escape (1989)
*Big Lie (1990)
*Skate Expectations (1990)
*Star in the Breaking (1990)
*Twas the Fight Before Christmas (1990)
*Twister and Shout (1990)
*Take Me Out of the Ball Game (1993)



*The Imager Chronicles / Journeys to Fayrah (2 names for the same series)
*The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle
*Forbidden Doors
*Fire of Heaven
*Bloodhounds Inc.
*Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog, Splat
*Soul Tracker


* "Eli" (2000), ISBN 03-1025-114-1
* "When the Last Leaf Falls" (2001), ISBN 03-1023-091-8
* "The Face of God" (2002), ISBN 03-1022-755-0
* "The Wager" (2003), ISBN 03-102-4873-6

Non fiction

* "The Dark Side of the Supernatural: Learning What Is of God...and What Is Not" (1999), (with David Wimbish) ISBN 07-642-2151-5
* "Faith Encounter" (1999), ISBN 07-369-0158-2
* "Just Believe It: Faith in the Real Stuff" (2001), ISBN 07-369-0287-2
* "Millom" (2004), ISBN 07-524-3386-5

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Fire of Heaven

Blood of Heaven (1996)

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Fire of Heaven Trilogy: Blood of Heaven, Threshold, Fire of Heaven (omnibus) (2001)

Fire of Heaven (2003)

Bloodhounds Inc

Ghost of Krzy (1997)

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The Case of the Flying Toenails (2002)

The Case of the Giggling Geeks (2002)

The Case of the Drooling Dinosaurs (2003)

The Case of the Hiccupping Ears (2003)

The Case of the Yodeling Turtles (2005)

Bloodstone Chronicles

A Journey of Faith (2003)

Soul Tracker

Soul Tracker (2004)

The Presence (2005)

Seeing (2007)

My Friend William Moved Away (1979)

Do the Bright Thing (1990)

Eli (2000)

I Want My Mummy (2000)

The Curse of the Horrible Hair Day (2001)

The Scam of the Screwball Wizards (2001)

When the Last Leaf Falls (2001)

The Face of God (2002)

The Wager (2003)

Then Comes Marriage: A Novella (2001) (with Angela Elwell Hunt)

Baseball for Breakfast: The Story of a Boy Who Hated to Wait (1999)

Hot Topics, Tough Questions (1987)

Jesus: An Eyewitness Account (1988)

More Hot Topics: Rip Offs (1989)

More Hot Topics (1989)

Christ, B.C: Becoming Closer Friends with the Hidden Christ of the Old Testament (1990)

The Dark Side of the Supernatural: Learning What Is of God...and What Is Not (1999)

Faith Encounter (1999)

Just Believe It: Faith in the Real Stuff (2001)

Millom (2004)


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