Y (disambiguation)

Y is the twenty-fifth letter of the Latin alphabet.

Y or y may also refer to:

* Y (Cyrillic)
* Y (programming language)
* "Y" (game), a board game played on a triangular board
* "Y" (album), an album by The Pop Group
* Y (IPA), the IPA letter for a close front rounded vowel
* Y (New York City Subway service), an unused New York City Subway service label
* "", a DC comics series by Brian K. Vaughan
* 01011001, an album by Dutch progressive metal project Ayreon

* Y, Alaska, USA
* Y, Somme, France

In science:
* Yotta (Y), the SI prefix for 1024
* Yocto (y), the SI prefix for 10-24
* Yttrium, chemical symbol "Y"
* Yellow, in the CMYK color model
* Y boson
* Y chromosome
* Haplogroup Y (mtDNA)
* Luminance (video), in many video color models, such as YIQ and YUV
* Admittance, the inverse of electrical impedance, "Z"
* Tyrosine, abbreviated "Y" or "Tyr"
* Y, a hypothetical

In mathematics:
* Dependent variable
* Y-axis
* Y combinator, a fixed-point combinator in combinatory logic

In other uses:
* Yukon, post code Y
* Generation Y
* Basque Y, a Spanish high-speed rail network so called for its Y shape
* YMCA, aka "the Y"
* YWCA, aka "the Y"
* YM-YWHA, aka "the Y"
* Y Window System, a proposed development of the X Window System
* Alleghany Corporation, NYSE ticker symbol Y
* Income, Y
* Economy class, Y
* Y-stations, World War 2 listening stations
* "Y", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1994 book "Early Work"

ound alikes (homonyms)

* Why
* Wye (rail)


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