List of Olympic medalists in art competitions

Below is a list of the Olympic medallists in art competitions. See Olympic medallists for winners in other sports, and Art competitions at the Olympic Games for more background information on art competitions at the Olympic Games.

For each year, the medal winners are listed on the first row, the names of their works of art are listed on the second row. The works' titles are listed in English, as not all original names are known. For the country abbreviations used, refer to list of IOC country codes.




Games Gold Silver Bronze
1912 Stockholm  Eugène Monod & Alphonse Laverrière (SUI)
Building plan of a modern stadium
none awarded none awarded
1920 Antwerp  Holger Sinding-Larsen (NOR)
Project for a gymnastics school
none awarded none awarded
1924 Paris none awarded  Alfréd Hajós & Dezső Lauber (HUN)
Plan for Budapest Swimming Stadium
 Julien Médecin (MON)
Stadium for Monte Carlo
1928 Amsterdam  Jan Wils (NED)
Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam
 Einar Mindedal Rasmussen (DEN)
Swimming pool at Ollerup
 Jacques Lambert (FRA)
Stadium at Versailles
1932 Los Angeles  Gustave Saacké, Pierre Bailey, Pierre Montenot (FRA)
Arena for bulls, Paris
 John Russell Pope (USA)
Design for Payne Whitney Gymnasium
 Richard Konwiartz (GER)
Design for Schlesierkampfbahn, Breslau
1936 Berlin  Hermann Kutschera (AUT)
 Werner March (GER)
National sports field
 Hermann Stieglholzer & Herbert Kastinger (AUT)
Fighting site in Vienna
1948 London  Adolf Hoch (AUT)
Ski jumping hill on the Kobenzl
 Alfred Rinesch (AUT)
Watersports centre in Karinthia
 Nils Olsson (SWE)
Baths and sporting hall in Gothenburg

Town planning

Games Gold Silver Bronze
1928 Amsterdam  Alfred Hensel (GER)
Stadium at Nuremberg
 Jacques Lambert (FRA)
Stadium at Versailles
 Max Laeuger (GER)
Municipal park at Hamburg
1932 Los Angeles  John Hughes (GBR)
Design for sports & recreation center with Stadium for Liverpool
 Jens Houmøller Klemmensen (DEN)
Design for a stadium and public park
 André Verbeke (BEL)
Design for a marathon park
1936 Berlin  Werner March (GER)
 Walter March (GER)
National sports field
 Charles Downing Lay (USA)
Marine park, Brooklyn
 Theodor Nussbaum (GER)
Cologne city plan for sports facilities
1948 London  Yrjö Lindegren (FIN)
The centre of athletics in Varkaus
 Werner Schindler & Eduard Knupfer (SUI)
Swiss federal sports and gymnastics training center
 Ilmari Niemeläinen (FIN)
Athletic centre in Kemi



Games Gold Silver Bronze
1912 Stockholm  Pierre de Coubertin (FRA)
Ode to sport
none awarded none awarded
1920 Antwerp  Raniero Nicolai (ITA)
Olympic songs
 Theodore Andrea Cook (GBR)
Olympic Games of Antwerp
 Maurice Bladel (BEL)
Praise of the gods
1924 Paris  Géo Charles (FRA)
The Olympic Games
 Margaret Stuart (GBR)
Sword songs
 Charles Gonnet (FRA)
About the Olympic god
 Josef Petersen (DEN)
 Oliver St. John Gogarty (IRL)
Ode to the Tailteann Games
1932 Los Angeles  Paul Bauer (GER)
The struggle with the Himalaya
 Josef Petersen (DEN)
The Argonauts
none awarded


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1928 Amsterdam none awarded  Lauro de Bosis (ITA)
none awarded


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1928 Amsterdam  Ferenc Mező (HUN)
History of the Olympic Games
 Ernst Weiss (GER)
Boetius von Orlamunde
 Carel Scharten & Margot Scharten-Antink (NED)
The clown from the Maremmen
1936 Berlin  Urho Karhumäki (FIN)
 Wilhelm Ehmer (GER)
For the top of the world
 Jan Parandowski (POL)
The Olympic disk
1948 London  Giani Stuparich (ITA)
The cave
 Josef Petersen (DEN)
The Olympic champion
 Éva Földes (HUN)
The well of youth


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1928 Amsterdam  Kazimierz Wierzyński (POL)
Olympic honour
 Rudolf Binding (GER)
Riding prescriptions for a loved one
 Johan Weltzer (DEN)
Symphonia heroica
1936 Berlin  Felix Dhunen-Sondinger (GER)
The runner
 Bruno Fattori (ITA)
Azure profiles
 Hans Stoiber (AUT)
The discus
1948 London  Aale Tynni (FIN)
Laurel of Hellas
 Ernst van Heerden (RSA)
Six poems
 Gilbert Prouteau (FRA)
Rhythm of the stadium

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