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birthdate = 22 May 1957
birthplace = Ernakulam, Kerala, India
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occupation = Film actress
yearsactive = 1974 - Present
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Seema is an elite and versatile actress of South Indian films. She done about one hundred films in malayalam, nine in Tamil, seven in Telugu, three in Kannada and one in Hindi. She has given many unforgettable characters to the malayalam cinema. Seema won the best actress award of Kerala State Govt in 1984 and in 1985. Three times she was nominee for national film awards .

She married to I.V. Sasi, the veteran South Indian director and blessed with a daughter and son. The family is settled in Chennai, India.

Early Life & Career

Seema born in Eranakulam, Kerala on 1957. Later she moved to Chennai along with her parents. But her father left the family and Seema took the responsibility of running home. She was interested in dance and considered it as career

In cinema industry, Seema started her career as a normal group dancer under the dance master Chopra. She was then trained by her senior dancer, Dr.Kamal Haasan and reached up to the level of becoming a dance master. After her experiences in several movies as the dance composer, Seema, at the age of 17 was asked to act in a Kannada movie as a second heroine with Kannada actor Amresh. She was known as "Shanthi" at that time. I. V. Sasi spotted her and given the chance to act in his film "Avalude Raavukal" (literal translation: Her Nights)as heroine. In this movie she itroduced as "Seema".The classic movie with Sherif's script and I.V.Sasi's direction but created an image of soft porn movie in Malayalm film industry.This was the first A certified movie in malayalam. Seema done the role of a teenage prostitute with three heroes; Sukumaran, Soman and Ravikumar.She had exposed herself for the title role, the very challenging role that no one was bold enough to accept it. This movie given sexy and glamorous image to Seema.

The era when Seema entered the film industry, it was ruled by Sheela, Sharada, Jayabharathi, K.R.Vijaya and Sreevidya.Seema started receiveing offers from many directors but most of them were glamorous roles, or as a second heroine. But she never refused any roles instead was ready to do whatever offered.

Seema got clicked as a heroine of Late.Jayan, and that was the beginning. Jayan the macho man was the heartthrobe of malayalees on that time. Jayan with Seema really attracted the whole malayalees to theatres.This changed her position from second heroine to first heroine, movies were released with Seema as heroine. Movies with Jayan was super hits. Angaadi, Kaanthavalayam, Sakthi,Manushyamrugam, Bens Vasu, Meen, Karimpana, Thadavara etc were some of them.But still she tied in the sexy image.Also this pair couldnt stay for a long time, the unexpected demise of Jayan was a great loss for the industry and the most loved and violent pair had an end .

The malayalam industry finding another actor to fill the gap given by Jayan. Mammootty and Ratheesh came in that place Seema then started acting as pair with them. The serious roles are still not knocked her, but continued as heroine.

During that time a novel from popular magazine "Vanitha" was decided to take as a movie by the director P.G.Viswambharan, who chosen Seema as Dr.Bala, though the readers selected Lakshmi for the same. But director was very confident about Seema and movie is released with name "Sandhyakku Virinja Poovu" with Mammootty as hero and Mohanlal as the villain.This given break for Seema. This turned her career to another domain, Seema started acquiring many serious, female oriented and good characters of Malayalam Cinema. After this movie she started to receive more roles opposite to Mammootty. All movies become super hits , this pair also widely accepted and appreciated.Seema proved herself as she is versatile.She has broken the glamorous and sexy image.

Seema done many characters of MT.Vasudevan Nair.That itself is a great award for her. Her versatality given all sort of roles, if she acted as a bold heroine who driven car in a stunt scene of movie "Naanayam", the same year she had acted as a pathetic mother in "Rugma". She done comedy in "Ayalvasi oru Daridravasi" also she done villain role in "Oru Sumangaliyude Kadha". She done as a jobless widow with a kid in Anubandham, the same time she done as a revenging widow as in "Athiraathram". Malayalam movie industry never have seen such a verstaile heroine.

Seema is well known for her emotional scenes.Her dialogue presentation and different face expressions are noticeable.

She acted with most of the heroes of Malayalam film industry. Prem Nazir, Madhu, Kamal Hassan, Jayan, Ravi Menon, Sukumaran, Soman, Ratheesh, Mammootty, Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu,Capt.Raju, Devan , Jose,Venu Nagavalli, Balachandra Menon, T.G. Ravi etc were the perfect match for her.

Her co-actresses include Sharada, Sheela, Jayabharathi, Sreevidya,Sukumari, KR Vijaya, Vidhubala, Kanaka Durga, Mallika Sukumaran of 1970s Suhasini,Rajalekshmi, Swapna, Oorvasi, Geetha,Nalini, Sabitha, Jalalja, Unnimeri, Subha, Sumithra, Shobhana, Nanditha Bose, Surekha,Parvathy, Ambika, Radha, Kalaranjini,Chithra, Sithara, Lakshmi,Lizi,Karthika,Poornima Jayaram, Menaka, Ahalya,Rani Padmini,Saritha, Farah, Rohini of 1980s,in 1990s and 2000s she acted with Abhirami, Shobana, Meena, Manisha Koirala, Soundarya etc.

She worked with many directors like I.V.Sasi, P.G.Viswambharan, Joshi, Sibi Malayil etc

Seema has always been very dedicated to her profession and respected it always.Actresses have been following a trend of ending the cinema life after their marriage, but Seema became very strong in malayalam industry after her marriage.She mentioned once "Cinema is my bread, it is my life, what I have now is given by my Cinema".Yes she is very frank.She, in Kerala, is refferd as "Seema Chechi" with respect.

Her Performance in Aalkoottathil Thaniye, Anubandham, Aroodam, Vaartha, Mahaayaanam, Aksharangal etc. are well appreciated.

Her performance in her latest Tamil Film "Kaalai" has indeed become a Show Stealer.

A few of the well acclaimed roles that she has done are:

*"Oru Sumangaliyude Kadha" - as black Mailing House Wife
*"Athiraathram"- as revenging Widow
*"Thushaaram"- as abducted daughter in
*"Aavanazhi"- as revenging Sister in
*"Gandhi Nagar Second Street"- as helping Neighbour
*"aroodam"- as scheduled Cast lady
*"Aalkoottathil Thaniye"- as deceived Cousin
*"Anubandham" - as widow with a son
*"Mahaayaanam"- as widow with a son
*"Vaartha" - as Collector
*"Adimakal Udamakal"-as Industrialist
*"Olympian Anthony Adam"- as Principal
*"Kaanamarayathu" and "Sandhyakku Virinja Poovu" - as Doctor

It is required to mention about her dubbing artist,the late Mrs.Kottayam Shantha who has given voice to Seema's characters. That voice is really suitable to her especially with her lip movements. That sound is nurtured for Seema, though Kottayam Shantha dubbed for other actresses like Lakshmi, Swapna etc.

She took a long break after Joshi's "Mahayaanam" and re-entered in Bhadran's Olympian Anthony Adam", she was finding time for her daughter Anu and Son Ani and running her own studio "Anu Enterprises".The Keralites missed many good roles from her during this time.

She appeared in many serials after her second entry.She played as judge named Susane Feranandes in serial "Palayam", was a very popular one. Her comic role in "Chinna paapa , Periya Paapa" also was a huge hit in SUN TV.

She entered in to Movie Production with Geo Movies and Mohanlal under the name Casino Productions....

Malayalee with Nostalgic Fellings cant forget Seema ....


*"Kaalai" (2008)
*"Nagaram" (2007)
*"Pranayakaalam" (2007)
*"Prajapathi" (2006)
*"Udayam" (2004)
*"Kilichundan Mampazham" (2003)
*"Anbe Sivam" (2003)
*"Parthale Paravasam" (2001)
*"Sradha" (2000)
*"Olympian Antony Adam" (1999)
*"Mahayanam "(1989)
*"Sudhikalasham" (1989)
*"Ayarthi Thollayirathi Irupathonnu" (also known as "Nineteen Twenty-One") (1988)
*"Njaan Njaan Maathram" (1988)
*"Chekkeraanoru Chilla" (1988)
*"Vicharana" (1988)
*"Sarvakalasala" (1987)
*"Koodanayum Kaattu" (1987)
*"Sandharbham" (1987)
*"Chandrahaasam" (1987)
*"Aaroodam" (1987)
*"Kodathi" (1987)
*"Ee Kaikalil" (1986)
*"Aavanazhi" (1986)
*"Gandhinagar 2nd Street" (1986)
*"Vartha" (1986)
*"Ayalvasi Oru Daridravasi" (1986)
*"Ayitham" (1986)
*"Adhikaaram" (1986)
*"Thushaaram" (1986)
*"Karimpin Poovinakkare" (1985)
*"Aa Neram Alppa Dooram" (1985)
*"Anu Bandham" (1985)
*"Guruji Oru Vakku" (1985)
*"Janakeeya Kodathi" (1985)
*"Vasantha Sena" (1985)
*"Vellarikka Pattanam" (1985)
*"Aalkkodttathil Thaniye" (1984)
*"Adiyozhukkukal" (1984)
*"Athirathram" (1984)
*"Ivide Ingane" (1984)
*"Lakshmana Rekha" (1984)
*"Onnanu Nammal" (1984)
*"America America" (1983)
*"Iniyenkilum" (1983)
*"Rugma" (1983)
*"Sandhyakku Virinja Poovu" (1983)
*"Kalyana Agathigal" (1983)
*"Ente Ammu Ninte Thulasi Avarude Chakki" (1982)
*"Gandhinagar second street" (1982)
*"Innalenkil Nale" (1982)
*"Sindoora Sandhyakku Mounam" (1982)
*"Thadakom" (1982)
*"Thadavara" (1981)
*"Meen" (1981)
*"Kaanamarayathu" (1981)
*"Ahimsa" (1981)
*"Aarathi" (1981)
*"Thathayya Premaleelalu" (1980)
*"Angaadi" (1980)
*"Ellaam Un Kairaasi" (1980)
*"Karimpana" (1980)
*"Manushya Mrugam "(1980)
*"Moorkhan" (1980)
*"Sakthi" (1980)
*"Yenge Oor Kannagi" (1980)
*"Ezhamkadalinakkare" (1979)
*"Ithrayum Kaalam" (1979)
*"Oru Sumangaliyude Kadha" (1979)
*"Sarppam" (1979)
*"Naanayam" (1979)
*"Kaali" (1979)
*"Eeta" (1978)
*"Lisa" (1978)
*"Avalude Ravukal" (1978)
*"Shaari alla Shaarada"
*"Manassoru mahaasamudram"


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