Cellular Microarray

Cellular microarrays, are biological chips that allow interrogation of living cells on the surface of a solid support. The chips, spotted with varying materials, such as antibodies, proteins, or lipids, can interact with the cells, leading to their capture on specific spots. Combinations of different materials can be spotted in a given area, allowing not only cellular capture, when a specific interaction exists, but also the triggering of a cellular response, change in phenotype, or detection of a response from the cell, such as a specific secreted factor. An example of cellular microarrays are PMHC Cellular Microarrays.

Cellular microarrays were developed by Daniel Chen, Yoav Soen, Dan Kraft, Patrick Brown and Mark Davis at Stanford University Medical Center.


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Soen Y, Chen DS, Stuge TB, Weber JS, Lee PP, et al. (2004) A novel cellular microarray identifies functional deficiences in tumor-specific T cell responses. J Clin Oncol 22:2510

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