3 List of veterinarians

List of veterinarians

Veterinarians and veterinary surgeons ("vets") are medical professionals who operate exclusively on animals. Well-known and notable veterinarians include:
*Wayne Allard, a U.S. Senator who started as a vet
*Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang, a well-known 19th-century researcher
*Baxter Black, a radio commentator who started as a vet
*Claude Bourgelat, founder of 18th-century French vet school
*Louis J. Camuti, first American cat veterinarian
*Robert Cook, modern expert on horse ailments
*Robert Royston Amos Coombs, 20th-century researcher
*Harry Cooper, Australian television personality
*Peter C. Doherty, 20th-century Australian researcher
*Mick Doyle, former Irish rugby player
*John Boyd Dunlop, Scottish inventor of the tire (tyre)
*John Ensign, U.S. Senator who started as a vet
*Martin J. Fettman, astronaut
*Kevin Fitzgerald, "Emergency Vet" television documentary vet
*Doug Galt, Canadian politician who started as a vet
*Camille Guérin
*Herbert Haupt
*James Alfred Wight, better known under his pen name of James Herriot (1916-1995)
*Dawda Jawara, first president of Gambia
*Barry Larkin, better known as a hoaxer during the 1956 Summer Olympics.
*Richard M. Linnehan
*Suzanne Morrow (1930-2006), Canadian figure skater and taker of the Official's Oath at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary
*Peter Ostrum
*Frederick Douglass Patterson
*Sonny Perdue, current Governor of Georgia
*Nicky Rackard (1922-1976)
*Danielle Spencer
*Harry Spira
*Leonid Stadnik
*Simon Fraser Tolmie (1867-1937)
*Debbye Turner, Miss America 1990, resident veterinarian for CBS 'The Early Show'
*Robert Zammit
*Antonín Klobouk, (1885-1956), Czech professor of bovine medicine, discovered Talfan disease in pigs, designed vaccine against foot and mouth disease
*Aberra Molla
*Robert Rooks, veterinary surgeon

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