"For the cheese made in the region, see Emmental (cheese)."

The Emmental is the valley of the Emme river in west central Switzerland in the canton of Bern, a region mostly devoted to farming, particularly dairy farming. Its notable cities are Burgdorf and Langnau.


The region is a hilly section of the Bernese "Mittelland" between the valley of the Aare River and the Bernese Alps. It includes the watersheds of the Emme and the Ilfis between Burgdorf and the boundary with the canton of Solothurn.

The landscape is dominated by meadows and pastureland, with forest interspersed.


The original Emmental cheese is produced there, and the dairy industry is still the predominate economy factor. Pottery from the region is also prized, and the ceramics of the region have endured since the 17th century practically unchanged.

Tourism has had less impact on the region than on other parts of Switzerland.


The novelist Jeremias Gotthelf (1797-1854) was a pastor in the Emmental and wrote about the region.

The Emmental also played a dominant role in the history of the Mennonites.


The typical Emmental farmhouse has a steep roof with a large overhang that almost reaches the ground.

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* [http://www.hls-dhs-dss.ch/textes/d/D8495.php Article on Emmental in the "Historical Lexikon of Switzerland" (in German)]
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