Blencow railway station

Blencow railway station was situated on the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway between Penrith and Cockermouth. It served the villages of Blencow (or Blencowe) and Newbiggin. The station opened to passenger traffic on 2 January 1865, and closed on 3 March 1952. It reopened temporarily on 2 July 1956 before closing permanently on 6 March 1972.

Although called Blencow the station was actually situated on the edge of Newbiggin and was over 2 miles from Blencow. Possible alternative names for the station before it was opened were "Newbiggin station" and "Dacre & Greystoke station"The station could not be named Newbiggin as there is another Newbiggin on the Carlisle - Settle Railway a few miles away.



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