Goloka is the eternal abode of Krishna, Svayam bhagavan according to some Vaishnava schools, including Gaudiya Vaishnavism and the Swaminarayan Sampraday. The scritural basis for this is taken in Brahma Samhita and Bhagavata Purana. While in most of the Bhagavata Purana text, Krishna is presented as the cosmic Vishnu, the supremely powerful deity under whom all other partial divinities work, in the tenth book of the Purana he is especially portrayed as the supreme person who resides in his abode Goloka. cite book
author = SCHWEIG, G.M.
year = 2005
title = Dance of divine love: The Rasa Lila of Krishna from the Bhagavata Purana, India's classic sacred love story
publisher = Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ; Oxford
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] It describes Goloka as a highest planet or realm ("loka") of the Vaikuntha planets for the devotees of Krishna who is known as the protector of cows and hence the latter are found in abundance in Goloka. Also sometimes referred to as Vrindavan, it is a land of plenty, rich with natural beauty bearing a resemblance to Garden of Eden. In Goloka Krishna resides with Radharani, Krishna's eternal consort, and countless other devotees, wherein he performs his divine play, known as lila. It's believed that souls return to the material world again and again to perfect themselves and go on to Krishna's heaven, Goloka Vrndavana. [cite book |author=Giuliano, Geoffrey |title=Revolver: The Explosive Truth About the Beatles |publisher=John Blake Publishing, Limited |location= |year=2006 |pages=p. [http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/1844541606/ref=sib_dp_pt# 292] |isbn=1-84454-160-6 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate=]


Goloka means "the world of cows". The Sankrit word 'go' can refer to either cows or star, and loka is translated as "world" or "planet".


In some temples, such as the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Mumbai, the murtis installed are that of Shri Gaulokvihari and Radhikaji. Gaulokvihari is Krishna, (vihari is resident of, hence, resident of Gaulok, Gaulokvihari) and Radhika is Radha, his consort.

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