Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008

Infobox Election
election_name = Republican Presidential Primaries, 2008
country = United States
type = presidential
ongoing = no
previous_election = Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2004
previous_year = 2004
next_election = Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2012
next_year = 2012
election_date = January 3 to June 3, 2008

nominee1 = John McCain
home_state1 = Arizona
states_carried1 = 31+D.C.
popular_vote1 = 9,840,746
percentage1 = 47.25%%

nominee2 = Mitt Romney
home_state2 = Massachusetts
states_carried2 = 11
popular_vote2 = 4,525,036
percentage2 = 21.73%

nominee3 = Mike Huckabee
home_state3 = Arkansas
states_carried3 = 8
popular_vote3 = 4,179,514
percentage3 = 20.07%

map_size = 450px
map_caption = Republican Primary Results. Red denotes a McCain win, purple a Romney win, and peach a Huckabee win.
before_election = George W. Bush
before_party =
after_election = John McCain
after_party =


Notes for the following table: Delegate counts is the final estimated delegate count. [ [ Final GOP delegate count. Last Updated- August 28, 2008] ]

GOP February 5 rule

Under Republican National Committee rules, no state may hold its primary before February 5 . Five states - Wyoming, New Hampshire, Michigan, South Carolina, and Florida - moved their primaries ahead and were subsequently stripped of one-half of their apportioned delegates by the RNC. [cite news | url =
title = GOP considers delegate cut for 5 states | first = Stephen | last = Ohlemacher | publisher = Yahoo!News | date = 2007-10-22 | accessdate = 2007-10-22
] This punishment was eventually the same as though that party originally decided to strip all delegates from offending states Michigan and Florida before seating half. The Republican rules did not affect Iowa, Nevada and Louisiana, because those states do not technically choose their delegates until district or state conventions that occur after February 5. The Iowa county and state conventions are scheduled to be held on March 15 and June 14 2008 respectively. The Nevada state convention is scheduled for April 26 2008. The Louisiana caucuses selected 105 state-delegates to the state convention on February 16 in Baton Rouge.

uper Tuesday

Many states have moved the dates of their primaries or caucuses up to February 5 (Super Tuesday). With almost half the nation voting on that date it acts as a quasi-"National Primary". This has also been dubbed "Super Duper Tuesday," [cite web |last=Schneider |first=Bill |authorlink=Bill Schneider (journalist) |title=It could all be over after 'Super Duper Tuesday' |publisher=CNN |date=2007-02-07 |url= |accessdate=2007-06-03] and "Tsunami Tuesday". [cite web |author=Chuck Todd |title="Will Tsunami Tuesday be an Afterthought?" |date=2007-05-10 |url=]

After Super Tuesday


Opinion polling

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