The Wings of Rean

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name = The Wings of Rean
ja_name = リーンの翼
genre =
Infobox animanga/Novel
author = Yoshiyuki Tomino
publisher = Kadokawa Shoten
first = 1983 - 1986
volumes = 6
Infobox animanga/OVA
ONA = yes
director = Yoshiyuki Tomino
studio = Sunrise
licensor = flagicon|USA Bandai Entertainment (coming in 2009)
network = Bandai Channel
released = 2005-12-16





episodes = 6
runtime = 30 minutes

nihongo|"The Wings of Rean"|リーンの翼|Rīn no Tsubasa is a light novel series by Yoshiyuki Tomino published from 1983 to 1986, and a 6-episode ONA, broadcast by Bandai Channel online beginning on December 12, 2005, with the final episode starting on August 18, 2006. It is a spinoff of another series, "Aura Battler Dunbine", and is set in modern Japan and Byston Well.


2006 Anime

;nihongo|Asap Suzuki|エイサップ鈴木: Asap is the protagonist of the series, named after the acronym ASAP [] . Asap eventually finds his way to pilot the Aura Battler, Nanajin.:anime voices|Jun Fukuyama;nihongo|Luxe Sakomizu|リュクス・サコミズ|Ryukusu Sakomizu: Luxe is the daughter of King Sakomizu in Byston Well, who took the Wings of Rean to the surface world.:anime voices|Yu Shimamura;nihongo|Shinjirō Sakomizu|サコミズ・シンジロウ|Sakomizu Shinjirō:A former World War II Imperial Japanese Ohka pilot, he is the ruler of the Hōjō house in Byston Well. His personal Aura Battler is the Oukaoh.:anime voices|Rikiya Koyama

List of episodes


Theme Songs

;MY FATE (Ending theme):Performance: Anna Tsuchiya:Lyrics: ANNA:Composer/Arranger: Ayumi Miyazaki

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