Jungle juice

Jungle juice is the name given to a mix of liquor that is usually served for group consumption.

Most jungle juice mixtures contain huge quantities of hard alcohol mixed with arbitrary juices. For example, jungle juice may contain rum, gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey mixed with orange, grapefruit, pineapple, or other juices for flavor and to stretch the quantity of alcohol. In addition, most jungle juice batches contain sliced chunks of various fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, or grapes. Another common recipe for large batches mixes Everclear and frozen juice concentrate in a large container, such as a garbage can, diluted with a hose to the desired strength. Jungle juice can also be made with Kool-Aid; this is sometimes called "Hunch Punch." Another gin-based drink is the Gin bucket, containing gin, fruits, and fresca and served out of a suitably sized bucket.

In different areas Jungle Juice is also called a "wop". It is often an inexpensive means of getting many people intoxicated at parties. Everyone brings something to contribute to the festivities. In general the wop guidelines for ingredients include anything fruit based. Any fruit juice or soda is an acceptable addition to the mix. Fruit-based and neutral alcohols are good, such as vodka, rum, fruit-flavored schnapps, and wine. Brown alcohols, especially whiskey, make the wop unpalatable. Beer is strictly forbidden as it creates an unpleasant flavor. Special attention must be paid to consuming any fresh fruits that have been added to the wop, as fruit absorbs alcohol, which can cause drinks to become deceptively strong.

Jungle juice is popular on college campuses in the United States.

Because of its haphazard assembly nature, it is unlikely that there is a preferred and documented way to create Jungle Juice. Several recipe variations can be found on the web. [http://www.drinknation.com/drinks/Jungle+Juice Drinknation.com: Jungle Juice variations] ]


There are several popular explanations regarding the origin of the name. Generally, it is believed that the name originates from the jungle fever that it invokes. one perfect example of this so called "jungle fever" is a racist american named Chris Fehn who was spotted humping an unattractive african female only moments after consumption of this exotic drink. the drink causes an extreme state of inebriation and thus causing the drinker to exhibit animal like behavior.Fact|date=July 2008Alternatively it has been suggested that the pioneers of the drink were soldiers in the military stationed in a jungle, who threw together what alcohol and other drinks they had. [cite web
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] Finally, it has been suggested that the name refers to the sloppy method of production, in reference to the early 20th century American meat packing industry as described in Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel The Jungle.Fact|date=July 2008

Other uses

Jungle Juice is also a 2002 South Korean action/comedy film, starring Hyuk Jang and Beom-se Lang. It was directed by Min-ho Cho. [cite web
title = Jungle Juice (2002)
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Hunch Punch and Purple Jesus are other common names for the potent concoction. This mixture was also called "blog" (not to be confused with the shortened form of weblog) when served at science fiction conventions.

In October 2007, twenty students from Liverpool Hope University were taken to hospital after experiencing projectile vomiting and screaming having drank a litre each of jungle juice. This has since led to the drink being named "Twenty Menz," in some areas of Liverpool.

An "Atlantic Monthly" short story described Jungle Juice as being prepared in the Navy serving in tropical areas by pouring assorted juice concentrates in a jerrycan, diluting that with water, and letting it sit in the sun so the mix would ferment - no additional alcohol was part of the mix, the US Navy being 'dry' at the time.

In Australia Jungle Juice refers to a cask wine (goon) and vodka based punch, mixed with soft drink and juice concentrate or cordial. Orange or tropical are the most common flavours of jungle juice, however raspberry, lime and sarsaparilla juices have been experimented with. It is commonly made up in eskys or buckets.

Jungle Juice is also a nickname given to the health beverage XANGO, as its main ingredient is the mangosteen fruit which is found in Southeast Asia, and mostly grows wild in tropical rain forests.

Jungle Juice is also a brand of wine made and marketed in Northern Kentucky, alluding to the popularity of the Cincinnati Bengals Football Team. The grapes used to make Jungle Juice come from Paris, Kentucky.

Jungle Juice is also the nickname given to certain blends of gasoline that used to be used in Formula 1 and other related series, most notably AGIP's blend during the 1990s.

DEET-based insect repellent is sold by REI under the brand name Jungle Juice.

"Jungle Juice" is also the (premium) brand name of one of many different nitrite-based liquid inhalants, more commonly known as "poppers," primarily used during sexual encounters to intensify sensation and prolong the experience. Nitrites are medically known as vasodilators, which when inhaled expands blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Nitrites are illegal in most states.

"Jungle Juice" is also an informal term for a 1:1 mixture of concentrated sulphuric and nitric acids used to clean heavily stained glassware in laboratories.


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