Bambino is an Italian word meaning 'little boy'. The feminine is 'bambina'. It can refer to:
* One of the nicknames of baseball legend Babe Ruth. See also: Curse of the Bambino.
* Bambino, a song by Dalida.
* Bambino, the name given in art to the image of the infant Jesus.
* Bambino Handheld Games, a company that produced several electronic video games in the early 1980s.
* In New Zealand, Bambina refers to a Fiat 500 car.
* Bambino!, a Japanese manga and drama series starring Matsumoto Jun.
* A brand of adult diapers marketed to infantilists.
* Bambino, a breed of hairless cat.
* Bambina, a song by Lara Fabian, included in the album "Nue".
*Bambino, a flaky, crispy, warm food pocket filled with delicious ingredients. Served at [ | Pickett's Bambino] in Rigby, Idaho, USA.

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