Ivan De Battista

Ivan De Battista (born September 13, 1977) is a Maltese film and theatre actor. He has been involved in the theatre and musical scene since he was six. His early theatre performances were held at the De Porres Theatre, situated in Sliema with the Young Deporrians. As an actor, Ivan performed many major roles in productions with Atturi De Porrians, Atturi Salesjani, Bronk Productions, CurtainRaiser Theatre Troupe, Kumpanija Teatru Rjal, Produzzjoni Teatrali Irtokki, and Talenti Productions.

Writing Works

Ivan is growing in the Maltese acting scene as an actor and also director and lyricist, not to mention also as a writer. He has published his first Poetry Book in 1999 by the name of "Irwiefen" (Hurricanes). [ [http://www.maltapoetry.com/poeti/ivan_debattista.htm Ivan's collection of 'Irwiefen'] , Malta Poetry] Late 2007, he has published his first children's/teenagers book "Il-Fanal tas-Sinjur" which forms part of a series. He also wrote some scripts "Ma’ l-Ahhar Tokki" amongst others.


His studies in acting include, "ATCL Performing – Trinity College, London", "Performer’s Certificate in Acting – Trinity College London", "Pinnacle Film Acting Course" and "Bronk Productions Acting Course".


His acting performances include: "La Bottega del Cafe" (2002), "Wicc ‘imb Wicc" (Face to Face) (2002), "Divorzju bi Prova" (Divorce by Trial) (2003), "The Mousetrap" (2004), "King Lear" (2005) & "All my Sons" (2006) and many others. He Directed "L-Ahhar Cena" (The Last Supper) for Gzira Pageant Group (2003), "Ix-Xewwiex minn Nazaret" (2004), "Il-Hadd fuq il-Bejt" (Sunday on the Roof) (2005), "Ma’ l-Ahhar Tokki…" (2005), "Min Qatel lil Ganni?" (Who killed Ganni?) (2006), "Meta Jintefa d-Dawl" (2007) and "Avukati 247" (2007).


Amongst his works he appeared on local television, in the popular series "Simpatici" in 2001, "Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa" in 2002, "Mad-daqqa Nizfnu" in 2004, "Id-Driegh t'Alla" in 2005, "Santa Monika" in 2006, "Pupi" in 2007 and "Il-Kristu tal-Kerrejja" in 2008.

Ivan and his wife Simone, after a great performance in "Il-Kristu tal-Kerrejja" will now be working on a new upcoming drama on NET Television (Malta) "Is-Sigill tal-Qrar" wherein Simone will be acting and Ivan will direct her through the lens as the Director of this tele-series.


He was nominated as "Best Actor in Drama" for his outstanding performance in "Pupi" from the GO Television Awards.

He has also performed in many highlights of the musicals as a singer in which he interpreted roles in "Moulin Rouge!", "Copacabana", "Les Miserables", "Joseph", "Queen Live at il-Fosos!" and many others.

He is the director and co-founder of ImaginArts Entertainment Productions, his directed short movies are, "L-Ittra" (The Letter) (2002) - for which he wrote the original theme score, "Dilemma" (2003) which won Certificate of Merit – MACC 2003 & 2004, "Is-Siggu ta-Roti" (The Wheelchair) (2004) and "Self Flattery" (2005), which both won 3rd Place in Best Production at the National MACC Awards Film Festival.


Ivan has written music and lyrics for songs competing in the Song for Europe - Eurovision and has competed in local song festivals. Amongst these songs, J.Anvil's song 'The Game of Love' and Talitha's 'Free' were highly praised and even won awards.

He is currently taking part for the Malta Independence Song 2008 with the title "Tond jibqa tond" meaning "Round stays round", written and composed by Augusto Cardinale and Giovann Attard.

Personal Life

Born on 13th September, 1977 to Irene and Martin De Battista, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. He married Simone in 2000 and they have 2 sons, Ryan Mark and Dylan Luke.


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