Drop C tuning

Drop C tuning can be used to refer to two different alternative guitar tunings:

  • CGCFAD - The most commonly[citation needed] intended meaning of Drop C, though the term is incorrect. This can be described as "standard D tuning with a dropped C", or "drop D tuning transposed down a whole step", where the entire guitar is transposed to the key of D, then the low D is moved down an additional whole step to C. For usage and benefits, see Drop D tuning.[1]
  • CADGBE - This is the technical definition of dropped C tuning - there is no other way to describe this tuning other than "dropped C", and it is achieved by taking standard tuning (EADGBE) and dropping the low E to a C.[2] This tuning is used by the band Muse on the song "Map of the Problematique". John Mayer also implements this tuning on his song "Neon". Coldplay use this tuning for their song "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" on their album of the same name.

Bands who have used CGCFAD:


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