Prior of Monymusk

Prior of Monymusk (later, Commendator of Monymusk) was the head of the property and community of Augustinian canons of Monymusk Priory, Aberdeenshire. The following is a list of priors and commendators:

List of office holders

List of priors

* Máel Brigte (Bricius), 1210x1211-1222x [A culdee.]
* "Unknown abbots"
* Alan, fl. 1268
* "Unknown abbots"
* Bernard, fl. 1345
* Andrew Cant, 1357-1365
* "Unknown abbots"
* David de Kynnard, x 1420
* Richard de Donery, 1420-1426
* Robert de Kilconkar, 1424-1429
* Robert de Paisley, 1427-1429 x 1430
* John de Tulach, 1429
* William de Cupar, 1430-1444 x 1450
* William Crannach, 1430 [Became Abbot of Inchaffray.]
* William Couys (Cowes), 1430-1434
* Laurence de Cupar, 1430
* Robert de Keith, 1434
* John de Luoris (Luchris), 1444
* David Hay, 1450-1464 x 1469
* Thomas Straton, 1469
* Alexander Spens, 1469-1489 x 1491
* John Dugut, x1489
* William Kermichael (Carmichael), 1489
* Robert Fairweather, 1486-1490
* Laurence Valles, 1490
* Bartholomew de Putellis, 1491
* Richard Strathauchin, 1497-1499 x 1509
* John Aitkenheid, 1509-1523

List of commendators

* David Ferlie, 1522-1554 x 1558
* John Elphinstone, 1543-1554 x 1562
* Duncan Sviles, 1546
* John Stewart, 1558
* John Hay. 1558-1573 [Commendator of Balmerino.]
* Alexander Forbes, 1574-1577
* Robert Forbes, 1577-1614 x 1616

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* Monymusk Priory



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