Abbot of Lindores

The Abbot of Lindores (later Commendator of Lindores) was the head of the Tironensian monastic community and lands of Lindores Abbey, Fife (the nearby town of Newburgh was created by and belonged to the abbey). The position was created when the abbey was founded sometime between 1190 and 1191 by King William the Lion's brother Prince David, Earl of Huntingdon and Lord of Garioch. The following is a list of abbots and commendators.

List of abbots

  • Guy, 1191-1219
  • John, 1219-1244
  • Thomas, 1259-1273
  • John, 1273-1274
  • Nicholas, 1274-1282
  • John, 1287-1291
  • Thomas, 1296
  • Andrew de Lenna, x 1306
  • William, 1306x1307
  • Adam, 1331-1344x1346
  • William, 1358-1363
  • Roger, 1370-1380
  • John Steele, 1380 x 1381-1383 x 1390[1]
  • William de Angus, 1380-1395
  • John Steele (again), fl. 1402-1421[2]
  • James de Rossy, 1425-1451
  • John Ramsay, 1457-1474
  • Andrew Cavers, 1475-1502
  • Henry Orme, 1502-1528
  • John Philp, 1523-1566

List of commendators

  • John Lesley, 1566-1568
  • Patrick Leslie of Pitcairlie, 1569-1600


  1. ^ Was deprived of the position by the Pope in favour of William de Angus; he went on to become Prior of Coldingham.
  2. ^ Previously Prior of Coldingham and abbot-elect of Lindores.


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