Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

"Fresh Meat" is the 12th season of the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge". Filmed in Australia, "Fresh Meat" featured two-player teams; each team had an alumnus of "The Real World" or "Road Rules" partnered with a newcomer to the "Challenge" (collectively known as the "Fresh Meat"). One of the main reasons for enlisting the "Fresh Meat" was the fact that no new seasons of "Road Rules" had been produced between 2004 and this "Challenge", which was shown in 2006. ("Road Rules" resumed in 2007.)


Host: T. J. Lavin


Prior to the season, each of the 12 newcomers (referred to as "Fresh Meat") participates in a series of challenges to test their skills. Each alumnus selects one of the rookies of the opposite sex to be their partner for the entire season, using the stats from the pre-season challenges.

In odd-numbered episodes, teams participate in a challenge. (Challenges are sometimes called "missions.") The winner of the challenge has immunity from going into Exile, and selects one team to go into Exile. The remaining teams get together to vote for the other Exile team; the winning team and their pick for the Exile are not present during the process. Each individual gets a vote, and voting is not secret. The team with the most votes is picked to go into Exile.

In even-numbered episodes, teams participate in another challenge. If one of the two teams picked for Exile wins the challenge (sometimes referred to on the show as winning the "pardon"), they can select another team to go into Exile in their place, however, they cannot pick the team that won the previous challenge as that team has immunity. The challenge of this episode is followed by the Exile.

Exile is a race between two teams. Unlike the elimination games of other RW/RR seasons, the remaining teams do not watch the battle between the two Exile teams. The Exile teams run a course and whoever crosses the finish line first stays, while the other team goes home. Along the way, there are two optional puzzle stations where, if the puzzle is solved correctly, they will get a prize. To make matters more difficult, each member will be carrying bags equal to the weight of the luggage they brought to the Challenge.

A car picks them up and they are taken, blindfolded, to the race course. Once the car stops, they must jump out and go on with the race. Both team members must cross the finish line, but it doesn't matter who carries what bags.

Game summary

Each of the 12 Fresh Meat cast members participated in a multi-challenge obstacle course, testing their strength, endurance, and mental ability. The alumni used those stats to determine their partner.

# Danny picks Evelyn (red)
# Coral picks Evan (brown)
# Darrell picks Aviv (green)
# Tonya picks Johnnie (light blue)
# Theo picks Chanda (grey)
# Tina picks Kenny (orange)
# Wes picks Casey (maroon)
# Johanna picks Jesse (yellow)
# Derrick picks Diem (blue)
# Katie picks Eric (lime green)
# Shane is left with Linette (pink)
# Melinda is left with Ryan (purple)

# Coral & Evan were removed from the competition in episode 11 due to their injuries.
# Darrell & Aviv won a pardon from going into Exile in episode 14 and chose Tina & Kenny to go in their place. This is the only time a team won a pardon.
# Tina & Kenny had to choose both Exile teams in episode 15 rather than just one team.

Darrell & Aviv won the $250,000 prize for winning the final challenge. The prize was split so each won $125,000.

The second-place prize won by Tina & Kenny was $30,000 split so each received $15,000. The third-place prize won by Wes & Casey was $20,000 split so each received $10,000.

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Episode Progress

:colorbox|limegreen The team won the competition.:colorbox|skyblue The team was a runner-up in the final challenge:colorbox|cornflowerblue The team won the challenge:colorbox|orange The team was put into exile:colorbox|green The team won the exile:colorbox|tomato The team was eliminated.:colorbox|purple The team won the challenge and a pardon:colorbox|pink The team was put into exile by another team that won a pardon and won:colorbox|red The team was taken out of the challenge


* This is the first edition of the "Fresh Meat" series.
* It is also the first season to require the cast to wear a uniform provided for them. Fact|date=March 2008
* Derrick appeared in a casting commercial looking for newcomers during the airing of the "Inferno II".
* Tonya appeared on an episode of "True Life: I'm A Reality TV Star" in March 2006. She was shown leaving Los Angeles for this "Challenge".
* While filming in Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, it was revealed that Wes, Johanna and Katie would be participating. Katie also stated that this would be the last "Challenge" she would appear in, as she was only doing it for the money. However, she participated in "The Gauntlet III".
* Johnnie barely tried during Challenges, but the main reason he and Tonya were voted into an Exile was Tonya's unpopularity among the other contestants. Derrick didn't think they should have been voted in but went along with the group, leading Tonya to angrily confront him. Theo arranged for Tonya & Johnnie to have a better position during the Veto challenge because he thought voting them into Exile was asinine. After being eliminated, Johnnie wished he'd had another partner; he has not returned to a Challenge since then, while Tonya appeared in and won Inferno III.
* Premiered May 29, 2006 at 10:00 pm on MTV
* Ryan is Shane's ex-boyfriend making it harder for Melinda & Ryan to stay in the game. Fact|date=March 2008
* Wes had to send all of his fellow Austin cast members and their teammates home.
* Evan got a hernia in the fifth episode.
* Coral had a severe breathing problem and kneecap injury after the Human Ox-Pull challenge on the 10th episode and was later sent to the hospital.
* Tina & Kenny and Katie & Eric are the first two teams to solve both Exile puzzles.
* Coral & Evan were sent home during Episode 11 due to their growing injuries.
* Darrell & Aviv are the first and only team to save themselves from the Exile challenge by winning a pardon.
* Tina & Kenny solved four Exile puzzles, the most of any team.
* Derrick was sent home after the final elimination round for the second time in a row.
* "Fresh Meat" marks the first time in the challenge careers of Theo and Coral in which they were not present for the final mission.
* Wes & Casey tied the record set by Sarah on "The Gauntlet" for the most elimination challenges won, having won five Exiles. Tina hailed them as "the Exile King and Queen".
* Darrell & Aviv won the final challenge and $250,000. They each got $125,000.
* Tina & Kenny won $30,000. Each of them got $15,000.
* Wes & Casey won $20,000. Each of them got $10,000.
* Darrell has won every single "Challenge" he's done up to and including Fresh Meat, which is four "Challenges". He won ' with the Road Rules team, ' with the Road Rules team, "" with the Good Guys team, and this "Challenge".
* It was revealed on the reunion show that Casey spent her $10,000 on breast implants, and Wes said he spent his on Johanna. Kenny spent his $15,000 on a wrestling ring.
* Also on the reunion show, MTV donated $5,000 to Diem's charity organization "liveforthechallenge".
* On the reunion show, Coral said she was offended about Melinda's use of the word "colored", and that was why she decided to vote for her to go into Exile so quickly.
* In Episode 9, Kenny voted himself into Exile after it was pretty much unanimous he was going in. This infuriated his partner, Tina.
* Diem reveals to Derrick that she has ovarian cancer and will have to receive chemotherapy treatments when she leaves the challenge. She tries to keep this a secret from the other players so they don't see her as weak or as a charity case.


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