Hawker may refer to:
* Hawker (dragonfly), a family of dragonflies in North America and Europe
* Hawker (trade), a single food stall or the occupation
* Hawker centre, an Asian open-air market of food stalls
* Hawker Aircraft, a British aircraft manufacturing company
* Hawker Siddeley, a British aircraft manufacturing company
* Hawker Beechcraft, a spin-off of Raytheon, including the former business jet assets of Hawker Siddeley
* Peddler
* Hawer (batteries), a subsidiary of EnerSys.Places
*Hawker, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb of Canberra
*Hawker, South Australia, in the Flinders Ranges
*Division of Hawker, an Electoral Division in South Australia

* Robert Stephen Hawker (1803–1875), Clergyman, writer and eccentric
* George Charles Hawker (1818–1895), South Australian politician and pastoralist
* Harry Hawker (1889–1921), founder of Hawker Aviation
* Lanoe George Hawker (VC, DSO) (1890–1916), World War I English fighter pilot
* Charles Hawker (1894–1938), Member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1929-1938
* David Hawker (b. 1949) member of the Australian House of Representatives since 1983
* Lesley Hawker, Canadian figure skater
* Lindsay Hawker, British holidaymaker murdered in Japan

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* Hawking (disambiguation)

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