Scoop may refer to:

Related to journalism

* Scoop (term), a news story, particularly connotating a new or developing story with aspects of importance and excitement, normally an exclusive for the journalist involved
* "Scoop" (novel), a 1938 satirical novel by Evelyn Waugh set in the world of foreign correspondence
** "Scoop" (1987 TV film) based on the novel
* Scoop (news website), a news website based in New Zealand
* Scoop (journalism magazine), a quarterly publication by the Australian Journalists Association

Related to the shape

* Scoop (tool), a shovel-like tool, particularly one deep and curved, used in digging,
* Scoop (machine part), a component of machinry to carry things,
* Scoop stretcher, (or clamshell, Robertson Orthopedic Stretcher), a device used specifically for casualty lifting
* Scoop (utensil), a specialized spoon for serving
* Hood scoop, a ventlating opening in the bonnet of a car


* Henry M. Jackson, also known as "Scoop" Jackson, a mid-20th-century American senator
* Fatman Scoop, an American rapper.
* "Scoop" (album), a 1983 collection of out-takes and demo versions by Pete Townshend; also similar projects "Another Scoop", "Scoop 3", and a CD compendium "Scooped"
* Scoop (theater), a type of wide area lighting fixture
* Scoop (cricket), a modern shot in cricket which involves reversing the grip on the bat
* Scoop (software), a Perl content management system
* SCOOP (software), the Simple Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming extension for concurrent programming in the Eiffel programming language
* Scoop (1996 film), a Malaysian film by Aziz M. Osman
* "Scoop" (2006 film), a Woody Allen movie starring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson
* Scoop (dance project), a Belgian dance project by Jan Vervloet

Scoops may refer to :
* Scoops Carry (1915–1970), an American jazz alto saxophonist and clarinetist

Scooping may refer to :
* Goldfish scooping, a Japanese traditional game

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