Minister of Social Development (Canada)

The Minister of Social Development (French: Ministre du Développement social) is the Minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is responsible for overseeing Social Development Canada, the federal government's department concerned with the needs of seniors, children, families and people with disabilities.

On February 6, 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper merged the personnel and responsibilities of Social Development Canada into Human Resources and Skills Development Canada using an Order in Council, and did not name anybody to the post of Minister of Social Development. The post and department will remain legally in force, however, until such time as Parliament amends the body of legislation. The recombined department has been styled the Department of Human Resources and Social Development, and the minister was Diane Finley until January 3, 2007. On January 4, 2007 Monte Solberg was named Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.


1. Liza Frulla under Martin December 12, 2003 – July 19, 2004
2. Ken Dryden under Martin July 20, 2004 – February 5, 2006

Prior to 2003, responsibilities for this portfolio fell under the Minister of Human Resources Development. As of February 6, 2006, the responsibilities are now held by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

The Honourable Diane Finley is the current Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. [1]

As of September 26, 2011 Honourable Stephanie Cadieux was appointed the BC Minister of Social Development. She is the previous Minister of Labour Citizens' Services and Open Government and is the MLA of the Surrey - Panorama district. She was elected in the 2009 provincial election. [2]


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