Boxing at the 2006 Asian Games

Boxing at the 2006 Asian Games took place in the Academy for Sports Excellence (ASPIRE) in Sports City, 8 kilometers to the west of Doha [ [ The Academy for Sports Excellence is hosting the 2006 Asian Games Boxing event] ] . The event was only open to men, and the bouts were contested over four rounds of two minutes each. Asian Games Boxing is governed by the rules and regulations set by the amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA). [ [ AIBA Official website] ]

Participating Nations

Host country in bold.
*flagicon|AFG Afghanistan
*flagicon|CHN China
*flagicon|TPE Chinese Taipei1
*flagicon|IND India
*flagicon|IRI Islamic Republic of Iran
*flagicon|IRQ Iraq
*flagicon|JPN Japan
*flagicon|JOR Korea
*flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan
*flagicon|KOR Korea
*flagicon|KUW Kuwait
*flagicon|KGZ Kyrgyzstan
*flagicon|LAO Lao Democratic People's Republic
*flagicon|LIB Lebanon
*flagicon|MAC Macau, China
*flagicon|MAS Malaysia
*flagicon|MGL Mongolia
*flagicon|NEP Nepal
*flagicon|PRK People's Republic of Korea
*flagicon|PAK Pakistan
*flagicon|PHI Philippines
*flagicon|QAT Qatar
*flagicon|KSA Saudi Arabia
*flagicon|SRI Sri Lanka
*flagicon|SYR Syria
*flagicon|THA Thailand
*flagicon|TJK Tajikistan
*flagicon|TLS Timor Leste
*flagicon|TKM Turkmenistan
*flagicon|UAE United Arab Emirates
*flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan
*flagicon|VIE Vietnam

"fnb|1" Chinese Taipei is the IOC designated name for the country officially known as Republic of China also commonly known as Taiwan.

Medal summary

Medal table

Medal winners


Qualifying round winners

2 December

*Light Flyweight
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Rafikjon Sultonov
flagicon|KOR Korea Hong Moo Won
flagicon|PHI Philippines Violito Payla
flagicon|VIE Vietnam Tran Quoc Viet
flagicon|PAK Pakistan Nauman Karim
flagicon|IND India Jitender Kumar

flagicon|KGZ Kyrgyzstan Tilek Saparbek Ulu
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Orzubek Shayimov
flagicon|IND India Akhil Kumar

flagicon|SYR Syria Mohammad Dmirieh
flagicon|PHI Philippines Anthony Marcial
flagicon|IRQ Iraq Suraka Mahda
flagicon|SRI Sri Lanka Kamal Sameera
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Galib Jafarov
flagicon|MGL Mongolia Enkhzorig Zorigtbaatar
flagicon|CHN China Xie Longwang
flagicon|THA Thailand Sailom Adi
flagicon|TPE Chinese Taipei Chung Chun An

flagicon|THA Thailand Pichai Sayota
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Berik Kaliyev
flagicon|TJK Tajikistan Marufjon Faizulloev

*Light Welterweight
flagicon|CHN China Xia Wenjie
flagicon|THA Thailand Manus Boonjumnong
flagicon|KGZ Kyrgyzstan Ergazy Murzakerimov
flagicon|IRI Iran Morteza Sepahvand
flagicon|TKM Turkmenistan Berdymurad Sahatov
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Serik Sapiyev
flagicon|TPE Chinese Taipei Tsai Yao Chun
flagicon|IND India Manoj Kumar

flagicon|THA Thailand Angkhan Chomphuphuang
flagicon|TJK Tajikistan Sherali Mamadaliev
flagicon|MGL Mongolia Chuluuntumur Tumurhuyag

Preliminary round winners

3 December
*Flyweight flagicon|SRI Sri Lanka Chamila Abeyrathna
flagicon|JPN Japan Katsuaki Susa
flagicon|THA Thailand Somjit Jongjohor
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Mirat Sarsembayev
flagicon|KOR Korea Lee Ok Sung
flagicon|CHN China Yang Bo
flagicon|PHI Philippines Violito Payla
flagicon|IND India Jitender Kumar
*Featherweight flagicon|KSA Saudi Arabia Ahmed Mayouf Ahmed
flagicon|PRK North Korea Kim Song Guk
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Bahodirjon Sultonov
flagicon|IND India Diwakar Prasad
flagicon|PHI Philippines Anthony Marcial
flagicon|SRI Sri Lanka Kamal Sameera
flagicon|MGL Mongolia Enkhzorig Zorigtbaatar
flagicon|TPE Chinese Taipei Chung Chun An
4 December

*Light Flyweight flagicon|PHI Philippines Godfrey Castro
flagicon|KSA Saudi Arabia Ali Saad Al Ahmry
flagicon|THA Thailand Suban Pannon
flagicon|IRQ Iraq Ali Najah
flagicon|IND India Sanjay Kisan Kolte
flagicon|CHN China Zou Shiming
flagicon|SYR Syria Amjad Aouda
flagicon|KOR Korea Hong Moo Won

*Bantamweight flagicon|QAT Qatar Adel Chakeri
flagicon|THA Thailand Worapoj Petchkoom
flagicon|PRK North Korea Kim Won Guk
flagicon|PHI Philippines Joan Tipon
flagicon|KOR Korea Han Soon Chul
flagicon|MGL Mongolia Enkhbat Badar Uugan
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Orzubek Shayimov

*Lightweight flagicon|KGZ Kyrgystan Asylbek Talasbaev
flagicon|CHN China Hu Qing
flagicon|PHI Philippines Genebert Basadre
flagicon|TKM Turkemenistan Serdar Hudayberdiyev
flagicon|LAO Laos Udonear Khanxay
flagicon|MGL Mongolia Uranchimeg Munkh Erdene
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Bekzod Khidirov
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Berik Kalilyev

5 December

*Light Welterweight flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Dilshod Mahmudov
flagicon|SRI Sri Lanka Wakadapola Wasala
flagicon|IRQ Iraq Jabar Zuhir
flagicon|KOR Korea Shin Myung Hoon
flagicon|THA Thailand Manus Boonjumnong
flagicon|IRI Iran Morteza Sepahvand
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Serik Sapiyev
flagicon|IND India Manoj Kumar

*Middleweight flagicon|CHN China Zhang Jianting
flagicon|KGZ Kyrgyzstan Davran Khabirov
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Elshod Rasulov
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Bakhtiyar Artayev
flagicon|KOR Korea Cho Deok Jin
flagicon|TKM Turkmenistan Shukuralla Atajanov
flagicon|IND India Vijender Vijender

*Heavyweight flagicon|IRI Iran Ali Mazaheri
flagicon|IND India Harpreet Singh
flagicon|SYR Syria Naser Al Shami
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Jasur Matchanov
flagicon|KOR Korea Jeon Byeong Gook

6 December

*Welterweight flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Behzodbek Yunusov
flagicon|CHN China Hanati Silamu
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sarsekbayev
flagicon|TKM Turkmenistan Aliasker Bashirov
flagicon|IRI Iran Mohammad Sattarpour
flagicon|JPN Japan Yoshiyuki Hirano
flagicon|THA Thailand Angkhan Chomphuphuang
flagicon|TJK Tajikistan Sherali Mamadaliev

*Light Heavyweightflagicon|TJK Tajikistan Djakhon Kurbanov
flagicon|KAZ Kazakhstan Yerdos Janabergenov
flagicon|IRI Iran Mehdi Ghorbani
flagicon|UZB Uzbekistan Utkirbek Haydarov


Round of 8

Light FlyweightRound8
8 December
flagicon|PHI Godfrey Castro|25
flagicon|KSA Ali Saad Al Ahmry|5|
flagicon|THA Suban Pannon|30
flagicon|IRQ Ali Najah|21|
flagicon|IND Sanjay Kisan Kolte|5
flagicon|CHN Zou Shiming|25|
flagicon|SYR Amjad Aouda|24
flagicon|KOR Hong Moo Won|33
11 December
flagicon|PHI Godfrey Castro|20
flagicon|THA Suban Pannon|40|
flagicon|CHN Zou Shiming|17
flagicon|KOR Hong Moo Won|9
13 December
flagicon|THA Suban Pannon|1
flagicon|CHN Zou Shiming|21|

7 December
flagicon|SRI Chamila Abeyrathna |2
flagicon|JPN Katsuaki Susa|22|
flagicon|THA Somjit Jongjohor|20
flagicon|KAZ Mirat Sarsembayev |11|
flagicon|KOR Lee Ok Sung|21
flagicon|CHN Yang Bo|41|
flagicon|PHI Violito Payla|27
flagicon|IND Jitender Kumar|7
10 December
flagicon|JPN Katsuaki Susa|3
flagicon|THA Somjit Jongjohor|23|
flagicon|CHN Yang Bo|20
flagicon|PHI Violito Payla|40
12 December
flagicon|THA Somjit Jongjohor|15
flagicon|PHI Violito Payla|31|


8 December
flagicon|QAT Adel Chakeri|8
flagicon|THA Worapoj Petchkoom|28|
flagicon|PRK Kim Won Guk|15
flagicon|PHI Joan Tipon|22|
flagicon|KOR Han Soon Chul|26
flagicon|PAK Abid Ali|6|
flagicon|MGL Enkhbat Badar Uugan|30
flagicon|UZB Orzubek Shayimov|25
11 December
flagicon|THA Worapoj Petchkoom|13
flagicon|PHI Joan Tipon |+13|
flagicon|KOR Han Soon Chul|29
flagicon|MGL Enkhbat Badar Uugan|19
13 December
flagicon|PHI Joan Tipon|21
flagicon|KOR Han Soon Chul|10|

7 December
flagicon|KSA Ahmed Mayouf Ahmed |0
flagicon|PRK Kim Song Guk |20|
flagicon|UZB Bahodirjon Sultonov |24
flagicon|IND Diwakar Prasad |4|
flagicon|PHI Anthony Marcial |12
flagicon|KAZ Galib Jafarov |27|
flagicon|MGL Zorigtbaatar Enkhzorig |28
flagicon|TPE Chung Chun An |25| 10 December
flagicon|PRK Kim Song Guk |23
flagicon|UZB Bahodirjon Sultonov |37|
flagicon|KAZ Galib Jafarov |21
flagicon|MGL Zorigtbaatar Enkhzorig|28| 12 December
flagicon|UZB Bahodirjon Sultonov|37
flagicon|MGL Zorigtbaatar Enkhzorig|15|


9 December
flagicon|KGZ Asylbek Talasbaev|8
flagicon|CHN Hu Qing|28|
flagicon|PHI Genebert Basadre|24
flagicon|TKM Serdar Hudayberdiyev|4|
flagicon|LAO Udone Khanxay|7
flagicon|MGL Uranchimeg Munkh Erdene|27|
flagicon|UZB Bekzod Khidirov|33
flagicon|KAZ Berik Kaliyev|13
11 December
flagicon|CHN Hu Qing|29
flagicon|PHI Genebert Basadre|8|
flagicon|MGL Uranchimeg Munkh Erdene|26
flagicon|UZB Bekzod Khidirov|24
13 December
flagicon|CHN Hu Qing|38
flagicon|MGL Uranchimeg Munkh Erdene|22|
Light Welterweight

7 December
flagicon|UZB Dilshod Mahmudov |21
flagicon|SRI Wakadapola Wasala |1|
flagicon|IRQ Jabar Zuhir |10
flagicon|KOR Shin Myung Hoon|29|
flagicon|THA Manus Boonjumnong|14
flagicon|IRI Morteza Sepahvand |10|
flagicon|KAZ Serik Sapiyev |30
flagicon|IND Manoj Kumar |10
10 December
flagicon|UZB Dilshod Mahmudov|20
flagicon|KOR Shin Myung Hoon|23|
flagicon|THA Manus Boonjumnong|22
flagicon|KAZ Serik Sapiyev|18
12 December
flagicon|KOR Shin Myung Hoon|11
flagicon|THA Manus Boonjumnong|22|

9 December
flagicon|UZB Behzodek Yunusov |26
flagicon|CHN Silamu Hanati |49|
flagicon|KAZ Bakhyt Sarsekbayev|34
flagicon|TKM Aliasker Bashirov |11|
flagicon|IRI Mohammad Sattarpour |27
flagicon|JPN Yoshiyuki Hirano |15|
flagicon|THA Angkhan Chomphuphuang |29
flagicon|TJK Sherali Mamadaliev |21
11 December
flagicon|CHN Silamu Hanati |30
flagicon|KAZ Bakhyt Sarsekbayev|37|
flagicon|IRI Mohammad Sattarpour |18
flagicon|THA Angkhan Chomphuphuang |36
13 December
flagicon|KAZ Bakhyt Sarsekbayev|28
flagicon|THA Angkhan Chomphuphuang|8|

8 December
flagicon|PAK Allah Bux |6
flagicon|CHN Zhang Jianting |26|
flagicon|KGZ Davran Khabirov |5
flagicon|UZB Elshod Rasulov |25|
flagicon|KAZ Bakhtiyar Artayev |25
flagicon|KOR Cho Deok Jin|5|
flagicon|TKM Shukuralla Aatajanov |6
flagicon|IND Vijender Vijender |26
10 December
flagicon|CHN Zhang Jianting |14
flagicon|UZB Elshod Rasulov |25|
flagicon|KAZ Bakhtiyar Artayev |29
flagicon|IND Vijender Vijender |24
12 December
flagicon|UZB Elshod Rasulov |32
flagicon|KAZ Bakhtiyar Artayev |22|
Light Heavyweight


9 December
flagicon|PAK Muhammad Nadir Khan|1
flagicon|QAT Nabah Hzam|21|
flagicon|KGZ Kymbatbek Ryskulov|3
flagicon|KOR Song Hak Sung|23|
flagicon|TJK Djakhon Kurbanov|33
flagicon|KAZ Yerdos Janabergenov|21|
flagicon|IRI Mehdi Ghorbani|31
flagicon|UZB Utkirbek Haydarov|18
11 December
flagicon|QAT Nabah Hzam|15
flagicon|KOR Song Hak Sung|29|
flagicon|TJK Djakhon Kurbanov|30
flagicon|IRI Mehdi Ghorbani|10
13 December
flagicon|KOR Song Hak Sung|15
flagicon|TJK Djakhon Kurbanov|30|


8 December
flagicon|KAZ Dmitriy Gotfrid|22
flagicon|IRQ Salman Ali|2|
flagicon|KGZ Bekzod Turgunov|6
flagicon|IRI Ali Mazaheri |26|
flagicon|IND Harpreet Singh|22
flagicon|SYR Naser Al Shami|40|
flagicon|UZB Jasur Matchanov|33
flagicon|KOR Jeon Byeong Gook|17
10 December
flagicon|KAZ Dmitriy Gotfrid|24
flagicon|IRI Ali Mazaheri|26|
flagicon|SYR Naser Al Shami|WO
flagicon|UZB Jasur Matchanov
|12 December
flagicon|IRI Ali Mazaheri|25
flagicon|UZB Jasur Matchanov|19|

Super heavyweight


9 December
flagicon|IND Johnson Varghese
flagicon|UAE Ibraheem Al Zaabi |WO|
flagicon|KAZ Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov|46
flagicon|PAK Mir Wais Khan |22|
flagicon|SYR Ahmad Sheikh Ismael |13
flagicon|IRI Jasem Delavari|26|
flagicon|UZB Rustam Saidov |22
flagicon|KGZ Nurpais Torobekov |2
11 December
flagicon|IND Johnson Varghese |13
flagicon|KAZ Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov |33|
flagicon|IRI Jasem Delavari|11
flagicon|UZB Rustam Saidov|31
13 December
flagicon|KAZ Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov|9
flagicon|UZB Rustam Saidov|29|

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