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Bit Cloud is a character from , an anime based on TOMY's Zoids model franchise. Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version and Richard Ian Cox in the English version of the series, he is the protagonist of the story, and a member of the Blitz team. He is probably the most widely known human character in the western Zoids fandom, often depicted in Hasbro's promotional material along with his Zoid, the Liger Zero.


Bit Cloud has a cheerful, optimistic disposition. A junk dealer turned Zoid pilot, Bit's dream was to travel the world and collect the best parts he could find to build the ultimate Zoid to be his partner. However, his plans changed when he met the Blitz team and piloted the Liger Zero. Bit shows love and compassion towards the Liger Zero, treating it as a partner rather than just a machine, even claiming to be able to understand it.

He is depicted as determined and loyal to his team. He has a good sense of honor and justice, and always plays by the rules, even when forced to fight against devious opponents like Doctor Laon and the Backdraft group. He is brave and headstrong, willing to stand and fight even when the odds are against him. This is seen when he faces off against the Elephander even when there is a chance he could be killed, and when he fights against the Berserk Fury one-on-one after it lays waste to the rest of his team and goes out of control.

Occasionally, Bit can be seen as somewhat eccentric or silly, ignoring people or appearing unaware of what is going on around him. He can also come across as cocky or full of himself; despite this, he is often the subject of frequent comiedic violence or snide remarks from his teammates, usually at the hands of Leena Toros. Indeed, in the event of Leon Toros leaving the Blitz team, Bit appears to have taken on the role of a surrogate brother to Leena, and the two of them are often seen quarreling like siblings.

Bit is a highly talented pilot with good senses and intuition, with keen enough vision to spot an enemy Zoid on a hill two miles away and with fast enough reflexes to intercept and bounce off a missile in mid-flight. Bit is depicted as a good tactician as well, as seen in episode 3, "The Prince Arrives: Harry Champ", when he formulated and stuck to a strategy to defeat his opponent Harry. He is highly adaptable, able to handle all four of the Liger Zero's different forms with an equal degree of success. His innate skill is complimented by a healthy dosage of luck as well, many of his victories appearing as sheer flukes, or so some would claim, others who have faced him numerous times would say otherwise.

Battle Statistics

*Close Combat: 80
*Ranged Combat: 20
*Maneuvering: 65


Liger Zero

The Liger Zero is Bit's Zoid. He acquires it in the very first episode and it remains his Zoid for the entire series; Bit is one of the few characters whose Zoid is not destroyed and replaced with a new one, though it does receive numerous upgrades. Steve Toros was conned into buying it from a cheap dealer on the basis that white Ligers like it are very rare. Unfortunately, the Liger Zero proved to be temperamental, not allowing anybody to pilot it. Bit is the only one capable of piloting the Liger Zero, and he forms a deep bond with the Zoid.

The Liger Zero is a legendary Ultimate X Zoid, meaning it is equipped with an Organoid System which allows it to adapt quickly to changing combat conditions. It is very fast, maneuverable, and capable in close combat, its signature attack being the "Strike Laser Claw", where it channels laser energy into its claws to tear through enemy armor. It also has a "Changing Armour System", (called the "CAS" for short), which allows it to transform into more specialised sets of armour for specific combat sitiations.

More detailed, technical information on the Liger Zero can be read in the full article.


The Liger Zero Jäger is the first CAS unit equipped by Bit's Liger Zero. It is an upgrade for the Liger Zero that is designed for high-speed combat, equipping the Zoid with a pair of massive Charge Ion Boosters that enhance the Zoid's speed and maneuverability, as well as machine guns on its face to grant it a higher rate of fire.

Initially, Bit disliked the Jager armour, finding it unattractive and not as flashy as the other armours. Despite this, it would become Bit's most frequently used set of armour through-out the series, after the original white armour. The Jager is often used to fight Jack Cisco's Lightning Saix.


The Liger Zero Schneider is the second set of armour introduced in the series. The Schneider is an upgrade for the Liger Zero that is specialised for close range combat, armed with the shock cannon as its only ranged weapon. It has various blades positioned around its body, allowing it to slice through enemy Zoids, similar to the Blade Liger. Its trademark attack is the "Buster Slash"; in addition, it can use its E-shield in combination with its blades to perform the extremely powerful "Seven Blades Attack".

Initially, the Schneider unit was defective, and would lock up whenever Bit tried to use it in battle. But when Bit managed to bond with the Scheinder he could use it to its full extent.


The Panzer is the final set of armour developed for the Liger Zero. It is an upgrade for the Liger Zero designed with heavy firepower in mind. Armed with a pair of twin Hybrid cannons and various missile pods, and protected by incredibly tough armour plating, the Panzer is the most powerful of the Liger Zero's additional armour units. However, it has several drawbacks, making it the least used; mainly, the armor is so heavy that it puts immense strain on the Liger Zero's joints and stabilizers, causing the Zoid to rapidly overheat. In fact, unlike the cases of the other three armors where the Zoid could be launched from the catapult, due to its extreme lack of mobility and weight, it is sortied by being released from a hatch on the left side of the Hover Cargo as it can barely move on its own.

Despite these design flaws, when the situation called for immense firepower, the Panzer armour would be used, and was even present in the final battle against the Berserk Fury, making it the last CAS ever seen in the series.

Other Zoids

*Command Wolf (Battle Simulation)

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