Emerald (disambiguation)

Emerald is a green gemstone. Because of its color, the word Emerald is often used to describe a shade of green.

Emerald may also refer to:

In arts and literature:
*"Emerald" (ballet), the first movement of George Balanchine's "Jewels", often performed by itself
* "The Emerald City of Oz", a book by L. Frank Baum
** Emerald City, a fictional city in the Land of Oz
*"Emerald", a song by Thin Lizzy
* The Detroit Emeralds, an American R&B vocal group most active in the 1970s

In biology:
* Hummingbirds; several species in the genera "Chlorostilbon", "Elvira" and "Amazilia" are called Emeralds
* Emerald damselflies, a member of the family Lestidae
* Emerald dragonflies, a member of the family Corduliidae
* Large Emerald, a moth of the family Geometridae

In business:
* Emerald Group Publishing, a UK publisher of management and business journals
* Emerald Moon Records, a record label
* Emerald Music, a record label
* Emerald Records (1966), a record label
* Emerald Records (2000s), a record label

In locations:
*Emerald, Queensland, Australia
*Emerald, Victoria, a town on the edge of suburbia in Melbourne, Australia
*Emerald, New South Wales, a small township 15 km north of Coffs Harbour, Australia
*Emerald, Texas
*Emerald, Wisconsin
*Emerald Beach, Missouri
*Emerald Coast, Florida
*Emerald Isle, North Carolina
*Emerald Lake Hills, California
*Emerald Park, Saskatchewan
*Emerald Township, Minnesota
*Emerald Triangle, California
*"The Emerald City", the nickname for Seattle, Washington and several other places; see also Emerald City (disambiguation)
*"The Emerald Isle", a nickname for Ireland

In maritime:
*USS "Emerald" (PYc-1), a United States Navy patrol vessel of World War II
*SS "The Emerald", a Greek-owned passenger cruise ship chartered by Thomson Holidays
*Emerald class cruiser, a light cruiser class built for the Royal Navy at the end of World War I
*"Emerald Princess", a cruise ship

In people:
*Emerald (porn star), an American erotic actress

In others:
*Emerald (window decorator), a theme manager for Compiz
* Emerald Buddha, a figurine of Buddha made of green jade
* Eugene Emeralds, a minor league baseball team in Eugene, Oregon
* Pokémon Emerald, one of the "Pokémon" video games
* Emerald (Pokémon), a main character in "Pokémon Adventures"
* Chaos Emeralds, a set of gems with mythical powers in Sonic the Hedgehog video games

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