Vision most often refers to visual perception, but may refer to vision (spirituality) (i.e., inspirational experiences or perceptions believed to come from a deity or other supernatural source) or hallucinations.

In business, a vision refers to the superordinate objective or goal of an organization or enterprise. The development and communication of a vision statement is a key aspect of adopting a systematic approach to strategic management. It may also refer to:


* Vision Brisbane, a proposed tower of 80 floors
* The Vision Tower, a tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


* "Visions (Atreyu album)", an album by the American metalcore band Atreyu
* "Visions (Stratovarius album)", an album by the Finnish power-metal band Stratovarius
* "Visions (Paul Field album)", an album by Paul Field
* "Visions (Richard Stlotzman album)", a 1995 album by Richard Stoltzman
* "Visions (Sun Ra album)", a 1978 album by Sun Ra and Walt Dickerson
* "Visions (song)", b-side to Eagles' single One of These Nights (song)

Comics & Art

* Vision (Timely Comics), a 1940s comic book character
* Vision (Marvel Comics), a Marvel comics superhero, member of the superhero team, the Avengers
* an expansion to the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game


* Vision (IRC), an IRC client
* VisiOn, an early GUI system for the IBM PC from VisiCorp
* Vision, a software program produced by Deltek designed for architect/engineer firms


* Visions, a website development firm in Norwich
* Vision Industries, an American supercar manufacturer
* Vision Skateboards, a pro skateboard company
*Vision Australia a not for profit charity organization.
*Vision, a non-profit, non-partisan policy think tank based in Rome, Italy.
*Vision Street Wear, an american footwear company.


* Visions, a brand of pyroceramic cookware related to CorningWare
* BT Vision is a digital terrestrial television service provided in the United Kingdom
* VisionTV, a Canadian cable television specialty channel
* Visions, a Chicago area science fiction convention.
* Vision (nightclub), a nightclub in Chicago.
* Goal (management) or vision, a euphemism for planning in commerce and in sport
* Vision statement, a corporate long-term goal
* Vision Zero, a save road transport strategy

ee also

* "Visions Federal Credit Union", a bank
* Vision for Space Exploration, a space exploration program.
* AAA Vision, a home-built aircraft design by American Affordable Aircraft
* A.D. Vision, an American multimedia entertainment company
* Computer vision, a field of artificial intelligence
* MSMS Vision, a student newspaper
* NEP Visions, an independent outside broadcast facilityClarifyme|date=March 2008 company in the UK
* New Vision, one of two main national newspapers in Uganda.
* World Vision, an Christian relief and development organization
* York Vision, a student newspaper based at the University of York, England

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