Disappear (disambiguation)

Disappear may refer to:
*Forced disappearance, when an organization forces a person to vanish from public view
*A missing person
*"Disappeared", an album by Spring Heel Jack
*"Disappear", an album by TSOL from 2001
*"Disappear" (INXS song), a single by INXS from their 1990 album "X"
*"Disappear", a song by Madness from their 1980 album "Absolutely"
*"Disappear", a song by Screaming Jets from their 1994 album "The Screaming Jets"
*"Disappear", a song by Mazzy Star from their 1996 album "Among My Swan"
*"Disappear", a song by Letters To Cleo from their 1997 album "Go!"
*"Disappear", a song by R.E.M. from their 2001 album "Reveal"
*"Disappear", a song by Dream Theater from their 2002 album "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence"
*"Disappear", a song by Greenwheel from their 2002 album "Soma Holiday"
*"Disappear", a song by Jars of Clay from their 2002 album "The Eleventh Hour"
*"Disappear", a song by A Perfect Murder from their 2003 album "Cease to Suffer"
*"Disappear" (Hoobastank song), a song by Hoobastank from their 2003 album "The Reason"
*"Disappear" (No Angels song), a 2008 single by the No Angels from their 2008 album "Destiny Reloaded"

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