List of Earthworm Jim characters

The following is a list of major and minor characters from the Earthworm Jim video games and animated series.


Main characters

The following characters appeared in both the cartoon series and the video games.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim is a video game character, the protagonist of the Earthworm Jim video games and animated series. For most of his life Jim was just an ordinary earthworm until one day his life was changed forever. A fearsome bounty hunter named Psy-Crow was en route to deliver the "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" to Queen Slug-For-A-Butt but got in a confrontation with another space ship and lost the suit out of an airlock. The suit fell to earth landing on a farm somewhere in the southern United States. While fleeing from a flock of hungry crows Jim took refuge in the mysterious suit. The suit's powerful atomic particles affected Jim causing him to grow and evolve at a fantastic rate. Upon discovering his newfound powers granted by the suit, he overhears Psy-Crow talking to Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, and becomes interested in meeting the queen's twin sister, Princess What's-Her-Name, setting up the events of the first game. Through the games, Jim travels to many planets and faces many villains who are after the suit. In Earthworm Jim 2, Jim must rescue Princess What's-Her-Name when she is kidnapped by Psy-Crow. In the television show, Jim (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) has an almost identical origin, but now resides in a home in the city of Terlawk (a play on Turlock, California, the birthplace of Douglas TenNapel) with Peter Puppy. Most of the villains from the game still show up from time to time to give him trouble.

Jim can be a bit naive, is somewhat of a degenerate and rarely thinks before rushing into battle, but on occasions can be very cunning. Jim is also very gullible, even trusting villains in not-so-convincing disguises. His motto is "When all else fails, start blasting!" Jim also has a rather large romantic infatuation with Princess What's-Her-Name, which usually confuses her in the cartoons, but he never falters in his resolve. Jim also appears to be childish, enjoying pop-up books, snowglobes, and other childish things.

In the games, Jim has a slight southern drawl and says phrases like "Groovy!" or "Whoa, Nelly!". In the animated series his drawl has all but disappeared, but still retains his "Groovy!" catchphrase. Jim has a tendency to use big words and long drawn-out phrases. It is not uncommon for him to yell something like "We are all doomed! From the Middle English meaning 'condemned to ruination or death'! DOOOOMED!!" or "By the Great Worm Spirit, whose mighty bristles strike the hammerblows of justice". His battle cry is "Eat Dirt, (persons or things in question)!", which he usually follows up by laughing maniacally. This too can become long and drawn-out with phrases like "Eat dirt, everyone in the vicinity!" or "Eat dirt, evil banana-suited doofus!" He is also a playable fighter in Clayfighter 63 1/3 and an unlockable fighter in Clayfighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut. Another little known appearance is in the game "Battle Arena Toshinden", but only in the PC version.

Earthworm Jim was awarded Best New Character of 1994 by Electronic Gaming Monthly.[1] Nintendo Power listed Jim as their 16th favourite hero, joking that he is a role model for invertebrates everywhere.[2]

Peter Puppy

Not to be confused with Petey Piranha, Pete, Pete Jr., Peter Griffin, Peter Pan, and Peter Jackson.

Peter Puppy is an anthropomorphic dog with the ability to transform into a large monstrous form whenever he is hurt or scared. In this form he will attack Jim (once Psy-Crow, who had a Jim disguise). After a short while he will change back to his natural form unaided. The animated series expanded upon this, adding that tickling Peter would cause him to laugh, then belch and change back to normal.

In the Earthworm Jim video games, Peter is an alien from a planet on which Jim crash-landed after being sucked through a warp hole. Jim's Pocket Rocket was badly damaged in the crash, and Peter helped Jim escape the planet in exchange for helping Peter safely return to his house. In Earthworm Jim 2 Jim chases Psy-Crow to Peter's planet following Psy-Crow's kidnapping of Princess What's-Her-Name. Psy-Crow has taken Peter's hundreds of brothers and sisters hostage and is throwing them from the window of a tall building. Jim must save the puppies by bouncing them to safety via a large marshmallow. However, should you drop too many puppies at once, Peter's transformation will attack and severely damage you. Peter's planet is battered daily by asteroid showers, raided by passing aliens, and overrun with strange and dangerous octopus-like man-eating plants.

In Earthworm Jim 3D, Peter plays the role of Jim's Super Ego.

The animated series changes Peter's origin considerably, portraying him as an ordinary dog. His appearance changed dramatically as well with the artist giving Peter an unbuttoned teal shirt and black shorts as opposed to walking around nude. His fur was changed from purple/pink to a sandy color. When he was a normal puppy he was picked on by the other neighborhood dogs. One day Peter decided to prove his worth by performing the Taboo of the Dogs, attacking a running vacuum cleaner, something few dogs have attempted. His fear turns out to be well-justified as vacuums are canine-specific trans-dimensional portals. Peter is flung through time and space and eventually lands on the Planet Heck where Evil the Cat places a curse on him. The curse gives Peter human intelligence and his anthropomorphic form (and his "nifty shirt"), but also causes his transformations whenever he is hurt or scared. He eventually finds Jim and the two become good friends, with Peter serving as Jim's sidekick. As such, he had a much larger role in the cartoon series than in the games, appearing in almost every episode.

Peter is quite timid in nature and has a hard time controlling his transformations. He can often be heard chanting to himself "I must not fear, fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that brings total oblivion" (a modified litany against fear, From Frank Herbert's Dune series). Peter is always willing to accompany Jim on his adventures, acting as Jim's consultant when Jim goes astray, as well as providing Jim's moral support.

Peter is very artistic and has dabbled in many different forms of expression such as interpretive dance, gourmet cooking, and play acting. He is also fond of professional wrestling, licking stamps for the taste of their glue, and playing in garbage. Peter enjoyed eating haggis until discovering its ingredients and method of preparation. As a result, his greatest fear is a Scottish chef and he now cannot eat haggis without getting sick, though he has been tricked into eating it on numerous occasions. This is a running gag on the animated series.

Peter's voice actor was Jeff Bennett, who also voiced the narrator.


Snott is an anthropomorphic green blob of a mucus-like substance and was best described as a "smiling booger" by a bewildered human police officer in the animated series. He lives in the backpack of Jim's super suit and is his trusted friend and ally.

Snott was featured in promotional artwork for Earthworm Jim, but he does not appear in the game until Jim's final battle with Queen Slug-for-a-Butt at the end of the game, where he serves as a floating platform for Jim to stand on while fighting the Queen.

Snott finally made his first appearance in the sequel. According to that game, Snott stowed away in Jim's backpack when he visited the Mucus Planet and battled Major Mucus in first game. In Earthworm Jim 2 Snott plays a vital role, replacing the whip swing by grabbing onto special ledges lined with mucus in order to let Jim "snott swing" from place to place, as well as morphing into parachute for long drops. Snott is also used as an information marker in Earthworm Jim 3D providing valuable hints and tips for the player.

Snott cannot speak any earth languages, communicating only in slurps and gurgles. Despite this, Snott is fairly intelligent. Jim and Peter seem to be the only people able to understand his speech. Snott's trademark is being able to express an extremely long comment regarding the situation in only a couple of short slurps, after which Jim or Peter will agree, repeating after him. Snott made a few appearances on the Earthworm Jim animated series with no change to his overall character.

Vocal effects provided by John Kassir.

Princess What's-Her-Name

In the original Earthworm Jim video game, Princess What's-Her-Name (which is her actual name) appeared only briefly. In the ending scene, after defeating Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, Jim meets the Princess and instantly falls in love with her. However, as he approaches her, the cow that was launched in New Junk City lands on her (à la Monty Python and the Holy Grail), effectively crushing her. Jim leaves the scene, notably disappointed. A little while later, the ground where the Princess and the cow are cracks, making them both fall down into the lava beneath. Jim then makes a final appearance and greedily snatches the Princess' crown, which fell off when the cow landed on her. Originally, little was known about her other than the fact that she enjoyed frivolous things such as "space cars".

The Princess played a more important role in the game's sequel Earthworm Jim 2. After being reinflated, she decides to fall in love with Jim after being impressed by his attempts to woo her (but mostly for his hefty bank account). However, she is kidnapped by Psy-Crow, who desires to marry the Princess and use her royal status to become Ruler of the Universe. In the final stage of the game, Jim and Psy-Crow race each other to the altar to wed the Princess.

Within the animated series Princess What's-Her-Name was born the twin sister of Queen Slug-for-a-Butt. But unlike her "beautiful" sister, the Princess was born "hideously" malformed, having pink skin, large eyes and long red hair (Insektican standards of beauty being different from humans'). Because of this, she was kept locked away for many years by the royal family and never given a name, being referred to only as "the ugly one" or "What's-Her-Name". She eventually escaped the castle and became the leader of the rebellion against the Insectikan monarchy and her tyrant sister. This Princess was a far less vacuous character, being more of an independent warrior.

Throughout the cartoon series her relationship with Jim was more or less a professional one. Jim appeared to be harbouring the delusion that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, although the Princess appeared to be oblivious to his advances. A running gag throughout most of the cartoon series was that whenever any character asked what Jim meant by "relationship", Jim would give a hearty, if condescending laugh. She was also rather dismissive of Earth in general, noting in one episode that it contained no intelligent life. However, during the second season the Princess did appear to soften to Jim; she was apparently not above being wooed in one episode by Evil Jim.

Her voice was provided by Kath Soucie.

Queen Slug-for-a-Butt

The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt ("Queen Slug-for-a-Butt" for short) is the final foe that Jim faces in the video game Earthworm Jim. She is the twin sister of Princess What's-Her-Name, though clearly failing to resemble her in any way. Queen Slug-for-a-Butt closely resembles a large queen insect, especially a queen termite.

Slug-for-a-Butt was planning on using the "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" to conquer the universe. Thus, she intends to destroy Jim, and reclaim the suit. She is the boss of Buttville, the final level, and the player must first defeat her butt before fighting the Queen herself. She later was the penultimate boss in Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy.

In the Earthworm Jim television series the Queen is ruler of the planet Insectika and is voiced by Andrea Martin. As in the game, she attempts to reclaim the suit so she may rule the universe. Unlike many of the villains, who are obsessed with destroying Jim, the Queen sees him more as a pest she has yet to squash, and usually prefers to send less threatening adversaries like Psy-crow. She only deals with Jim herself when she tries to get the suit back. Otherwise, she prefers other schemes, such as turning people into chickens, and hypnotizing Santa Claus. She also loathes anything nice and good, such as chocolate.

In the episode, "Queen What's-Her-Name", the rivalry between the Queen and her sister is expanded on; the Princess, considered "ugly" by the Insectikans, was constantly abused, and ultimately banished by the Queen. What's-Her-Name eventually became the leader of the rebellion against the Insectikan monarchy, and Slug-for-a-Butt seems to hate the Princess much more than she hates Jim. In the episode "Sidekicked", she tells Psy-crow that What's-Her-Name did "something awful" to her.

In the episode "The Exile Of Lucy", she is exiled from Insektica through a coup staged by Psy-Crow and Professor Monkey-for-a-head, but mangages to live the normal civilian life on Earth and demands that everyone call her Lucy. Ironically, this is the only episode where she actually wears the super suit, given to her by Jim himself in order to help her retake her homeworld, though she reluctantly gives it back at the end of the episode.


Psy-Crow is an intergalactic bounty hunter and mercenary, most often employed by Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. Psy-Crow was the boss on the asteroid chase levels in Earthworm Jim, and became the main antagonist in Earthworm Jim 2, kidnapping Princess What's-Her-Name in an attempted power grab. He also showed up in Earthworm Jim 3D as the boss in the Memory area.[3]

In the cartoon series (see animated series), Psy-Crow's character (voiced by Jim Cummings) was fleshed out a bit more. He occasionally allies himself with Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, generally in service to the Queen but in at least one case in a successful attempt to take control of Insectika. The Queen eventually returned to dethrone the two of them, however. On at least one occasion, Psy-Crow grew tired of his bounty hunter profession and tried out other occupations, including a job that Jim said put him in "the most horrible peril in all the universe." He was a gym teacher (he was fired for being too nice despite the fact that he shot lasers at the children on several occasions). He soon decided that being a bounty hunter was indeed his chosen profession. In the episode, Hyper-Psycrow, when the Great Worm Spirit (whose true form was Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim) shows up after Psy-Crow and Jim destroy the universe, Psy-Crow claims to have been a veteran of the Vietnam War, explaining how he ended up meeting the spirit (who pulled him into a foxhole, thereby saving his life).

Bob the Killer Goldfish

He is featured as a boss in all four of the games. Bob, being just a goldfish, rides around in a small glass bowl and gets his feline minions, particularly Number Four, to do all the work for him. In the cartoon series, his home planet is La Planeta De Agua (Arriba!) and he wants Earthworm Jim's supersuit so that he can have legs, as well as 'a nice, big, juicy, worm soup to eat'.[4]

Bob himself doesn't put up much of a fight. In Earthworm Jim, Jim simply knocks his bowl off a table and leaves him to flop around on the floor as Jim exits the level. In Earthworm Jim 2, in a parody of video game boss encounters, Bob is introduced with much drama in what appears to be a pre-boss-battle cutscene (including a Mortal Kombat-style "Fight!" message), only to have Jim suddenly pluck him from his bowl and eat him. In Earthworm Jim 3D, Bob and Number Four appear in a boss fight at the end of the fourth world, which has a cowboy theme.

In the first game, Number 4 and several other cat guards wander Bob's stage, and will clobber Jim senseless if they get a hold of him.

In the television series, Bob has a deep southern drawl. Bob also focuses his attention on universal conquest. He spends much of his time attempting to convince the fish of La Planeta De Agua (Arriba!) to embark on a destructive rampage, usually to no avail. On several occasions, Bob has attempted to take over the universe without help, and at one point did succeed in conquering the earth by hyper-evolving himself into another life-form. However, his evolutionary accelerator soon returned him to his original fish form, as fish turned out to be, in Bob's words "the highest form of life" and he was forced to attempt a retreat. Bob's dialogue, especially when attempting to inspire his fellow fish to "[Go forth and] Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY!", is often backed by slow instrumental gospel music, and he speaks in a bombastic voice with a Southern accent that makes him sound much like a televangelist.

On the cartoon, Bob was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also does Psy-Crow for the same show.

Number Four

The primary large feline minion of Bob, Number Four appears to have no will of his own, simply doing what Bob requires. He carries Bob and his fish bowl on his shoulders. He is often seen operating the control panels in Bob's Warfish starship, and essentially carrying out any task that Bob, in his limited capacity, cannot.

Evil the Cat

Evil the Cat is the manifestation of evil. He rules over Planet Heck (residing elsewhere only for the hottest months). Molding Heck to his own vision of evil perfection, the planet is covered with spiked walls and precariously placed cliffs and ridges. The planet is also full of fiery pits and drops, which Evil has filled with all things evil he's found across the universe, ranging from rabid lawyers to elevator music. Evil wants to claim Jim's super suit as his own, to further conquer the galaxy and paint it more infernal.

Over the course of the cartoon series, which makes up its own particular canon, Evil is more concentrated on destroying the universe, rather than obtaining Jim's suit (even though one episode began with Evil stealing Jim's suit in an attempt to destroy him). He has been continuously thwarted by such forces as origami, the Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, and even the cartoon's budget running out. "A minor setback" is Evil's usual response to his misfortunes. He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat.

In spite of his status as a pure evil villain, Evil occasionally shows the behavior of a real cat, such as licking himself or playing with a ball of yarn when he's bored. In Earthworm Jim, he'll actually stop to groom himself a bit in between shots of his huge fireball gun, then has to be killed nine times (a joke on cats having nine lives) to be defeated for good.

According to the instruction manual to Earthworm Jim 2, Evil has a cousin named Flagitious, who runs "The Circus of the Scars". During Heck's summer off-season, Evil switches jobs with Flagitious and runs the circus himself.

In the animated series, Evil will try to disguise himself to try to get close to Earthworm Jim, and will often interject "Did I mention, I'm not a cat?". He is voiced by Edward Hibbert.

Evil was slated to appear in Earthworm Jim 3D, and even appeared on the game's box art, but was left out of the game due to development issues and time constraints.


Henchrat is an anthropomorphic rat and serves as Evil the Cat's "mindless rodent lackey" (as Evil often calls him). Contrary to his savage occupation, Henchrat likes to watch mimes, takes self-actualization courses, and hopes to one day open a macrame shop. Henchrat was created for the cartoon series, but makes a game appearance in Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy as Evil's partner during a boss fight. He always responds to Evil's abuse by saying "Thank you".

Voiced by John Kassir.

Professor Monkey-For-A-Head

Professor Monkey-For-A-Head is the scientist who invented the ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit for Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, which Psy-Crow ended up losing. As his name suggests, the Professor has a monkey grafted to his forehead. His simian skullmate, named Monkey Professor-For-A-Head, seems to have a mind of his own, as he often pesters the Professor with his jabbering, which the Professor can somehow understand (likely because they are grafted together at the head, and thus share a common brain just as they share a single set of eyes).

According to the first game's instruction manual, it is because of the Monkey that Professor Monkey-For-A-Head cannot build another suit - the Monkey ate the plans. In the animated series, however, the Professor is unable to make a new suit (at least, not at the same strength levels as the original) due to not having a spare "Battery of the Gods" to power it with. For some reason, the Gods turned him into a bread maker when he tried to get a new one, which he comments as being "kind of handy" when he's hungry (he can even make Pumpernickel by twisting the Monkey's tail). The Professor and his primate companion live in a lavish space station laboratory, where they enjoy their many hobbies, including recreation, grooming, and gourmet cooking. The Professor's other inventions include pay-toll toilets and atomic bananas. He despises fruit carts because one apparently killed his father.

It seems that grafting animals into one's head runs in the Professor's family, as in Earthworm Jim 3D, Jim met the Professor's late great aunt, Baroness Beaver-for-a-Head, who lost her beaver head, and Jim must bring it back to get a Golden Udder. Also, in the comic book mini-series, when the Professor attempts to take control of the suit, it runs amok and annoys him in various ways, including "marrying [his] gram-gram." His grandmother, seen in the background of that particular panel, also appears to have a monkey grafted to her head. As with most of the other villains in the game, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head was a regular antagonist on the animated series, where he occasionally teamed up with Psy-Crow.

His voice was provided by Charlie Adler.

Evil Jim

Evil Jim is an evil copy of Earthworm Jim. He was created by a horrible toxic waste/photocopier accident, and claims to be Jim's exact opposite in every way. However, when Jim points out that he hates losing, and his twin should therefore enjoy it, Evil Jim responds, "Don't be so literal-minded."

Evil Jim looks similar to Earthworm Jim except for a green coloration in his worm body and suit, slightly pointier digits, a triangular neck line instead of round like Jim's, and neglected teeth. Evil Jim states he enjoys the taste of orange juice after brushing his teeth (Earthworm Jim hates that).

He is apparently motivated by a desire for destruction, though on one occasion he expressed loneliness as well (being the only evil twin in the universe). He nearly succeeded in winning the heart of Princess What's-Her-Name by reading poetry to her, but was interrupted at the last minute by Jim. Evil Jim actually once succeeded in creating opposites of Peter Puppy and the Princess. He also accidentally created copies of Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, Evil the Cat, and Professor Monkey-For-A-Head when he drops the copy gun. However, the results were not what he had expected (even though Evil Peter was destructive and violent, he transforms into a good monster, and Evil Princess is vain and weak, the Queen's opposite is not ruthless, Good the Cat is nice and chases Evil in an attempt to kiss him, and Monkey Professor-For-A-Head is pretty much what would happen if the Professor and the Monkey swapped brains and they become friends out of mutual concerns), and he ended up imprisoned once more (although he and his evil duplicates almost defeat the originals, failing only because the dropping of his duplicate gun caused a distraction). Evil Jim is also voiced by Dan Castellaneta (in a similar style to Krusty the Clown and Megavolt, also a villain).

Evil Jim was created for the Earthworm Jim animated series and does not appear in the first two games; however, Evil Jim was the primary antagonist in the later Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy game for Game Boy Color.

Video game series exclusive characters

The following characters only appeared in the Earthworm Jim video game series:

  • Billy the Bin

Billy the Bin is an anthropomorphic robot which is consisted of a trashcan, tires and a lamp for a head. Billy can transform into a car-like form. Billy attacks by smashing the ground, which makes trash fall from the sky. In car mode, Billy can shoot anvils. In Earthworm Jim HD, in co-op exclusive stages, two or more copies of Billy the Bin appear in a boss battle.

  • Chuck and Fifi:

Large and hygiene-challenged, Chuck owns and operate the city-sized junkyard "New Junk City" with his rabid poodle-bulldog Fifi. He never appeared in the cartoon series.

  • Rusty the Snowman

Rusty the Snowman is a living snowman that inhabits the fiery hell-like planet of Evil the Cat. He can melt and grow again at wish, and, interestingly, can breathe fireballs.

  • Big Bruty:

A blind dinosaur with a strong sense of smell, Big Bruty will sniff Jim out whenever he is nearby, and will proceed to chase him until he catches and eats him. On a few occasions, he will run into an object and split into three smaller Bruties which are vulnerable to Jim's attacks. His level only appeared in the Special Edition. Big Bruty did not appear in the cartoon series. According to the manual for the Special Edition, he is known to chew his food 30 times before swallowing.

  • Major Mucus:

A phlegm-based alien who is the ruler of "A distant phlegm planet", Major Mucus desired Jim's suit, which led to the two having a bungee-jumping duel over a pit of snot (Snot A Problem). The Major's pet "Mucus Phlegm Brain" would eat Jim if he fell too close. In Earthworm Jim 2, Major Mucus used his massive army of such things as Sumo-throwing trebuchets to try and destroy Jim. He is the only villain from both of the original Earthworm Jim games to not appear in the cartoon.

  • Doctor Duodenum:

An anthropomorphic organ, and boss of "Intestinal Distress". Although he has a habit of spitting out a deadly bile from his body, he's a rather neat and tidy individual (according to the manual). Doc Duodenum and his level are not in the SNES version of the game. Although he did not appear in the level, "The Villi People" is said to be his summer home in the Earthworm Jim 2 manual.

  • Flamin' Yawn:

A play on "Filet Mignon", he is an Anthropomorphic T-Bone steak who served as the boss of "Level Ate". He can hover on a plate and spit fireballs.

  • Blind Sally:

A disguise Jim uses while rescuing Princess What's-Her-Name in Earthworm Jim 2. Jim takes on the appearance of a blind cave salamander.

  • Peter's puppies:

Peter's 600 young puppies. In Earthworm Jim 2, they are taken hostage by Psy-Crow in a control tower of an abandoned space port and must be rescued by Jim, who must use the giant marshmallow o' love as a trampoline to bounce them to safety.

  • Pedro Pupa:

A giant maggot, Pedro was a dirt-farmer deceived by Psy-Crow into thinking he lived on top of an ancient temple filled with treasure. Psycrow told Pedro that Jim sought to destroy the temple, leading Pedro to be the boss of "Lorenzo's Soil". Strangely, he rode around on a unicycle.

  • Cousin Flagitious:

According the instruction manual to Earthworm Jim 2, Evil has a cousin named Flagitious, who runs "The Circus of the Scars". However he is neither seen nor heard in either the Earthworm Jim video games or animated series.

  • The Sacred Cow of Contemplation:

A giant cow who lives in Jim's mind in Earthworm Jim 3D, the Sacred Cow of Contemplation has control over the portals to Jim's four worm brains. A purported "master of disguise", he wears a different hat in each brain: an army hat in "Memory", a chef's hat in "Happiness", an afro in "Fear", and a sheriff's hat in "Fantasy".

  • Colonel Pluckitt:

Colonel Pluckitt is the leader of the chicken army in Jim's memories in Earthworm Jim 3D. The opposing cows had stolen his Calvin Cluck underwear from him, and he is later kidnapped and taken to the Bovine Special Elite compound. Earthworm Jim, standing in for a spy from the Chicken Infiltrators Army, obtains the troop orders from him and rescues him from his cell, but Colonel Pluckitt was later crushed by a fridge.

  • Sergeant Moo-silinni:

Gunnery Sergeant Moo-silinni is the leader of the cow army in Jim's memories in Earthworm Jim 3D. After Jim gives Colonel Pluckitt's underwear to him, Moo-silinni orders Jim to destroy a giant bomb-laying chicken. He is later seen instructing Jim in the BSE assault course. His name is a play on Benito Mussolini, and the spelling of his name is inconsistent; at one point it is spelled "Moo-silini".

  • King Gherkin:

King of the gherkins, he rules the land of Jim's happiness in Earthworm Jim 3D. Fatty Roswell holds him prisoner and plans to use him for his Ultimate Burger. Jim frees him, but King Gherkin is crushed by a falling fridge and ended up as part of the Ultimate Burger anyway.

  • The Spiritual Hot-Sauce:

The Spirital Hot-Sauce appears in Earthworm Jim 3D, guiding Jim to becoming the "Lord of the Fries". He looks like an anthropomorphic bottle of hot sauce with a mustache.

  • Elvis:

Elvis appears in Earthworm Jim 3D, explaining that Fatty Roswell brought him into Jim's mind for his Ultimate Burger, and ended up imprisoned. He pleads Jim into helping him get back to Greaseland before he gets char-grilled. Jim frees him and helps him get across the hallway they end up going through. In the end, Elvis ends up as part of Fatty's Ultimate Burger. Upon seeing the burger, Jim dubs it "Earthworm Jim's Double King Triple Deluxe (Don't Spare the Hot-Sauce) Ultimate Burger" and briefly fantasizes about a McJim's franchise using the burger. Elvis also appears in Earthworm Jim 2; when the player doesn't move Jim for a while, he takes a miniature Elvis out of his pocket, who dances on his palm for a few seconds and then runs off-screen.

  • Fatty Roswell:

Fatty Roswell is an obese alien frycook who served as the boss of "Happiness" in Earthworm Jim 3D. He came into conflict with Jim because he believed that his brain held "The Key to the Ultimate Burger". This is inconsistent with previous games, as Jim loves cows, and would never eat them. His name is obviously a reference to "fatty" being a nickname for overweight people and the famous town of Roswell, New Mexico where a UFO was believed to have landed.

  • The Ninja Mouse:

The Ninja Mouse is a mouse that scurries across the floor in "Fear". After speaking to Jim, a fridge falls on it. It is also the only character in the game that speaks to Jim after the fridge crushes it.

  • Baroness Beaver-for-a-Head:

Baroness Beaver-for-a-Head is Professor Monkey-for-a-Head's late great-aunt in Earthworm Jim 3D. Poultrygeists have stolen her beaver head, and Jim has to get it back for her.

  • Billy the Kid:

Billy the Kid is a parody of Henry McCarty in Earthworm Jim 3D. He is an old man who acts very immature and sits in a baby carriage. He demands Jim an ice-cream, and Jim has to deliver it to him while avoiding ice-cream-eating wasps. Billy is then crushed by a safe, rather than a fridge (which merely landed next to him).

  • Earthworm Kim:

Earthworm Kim is the final boss of Earthworm Jim 3D. She embodies Jim's long-suppressed feminine side, intent on taking over Jim's mind and body. Jim had to defeat her and save his masculinity. Kim also becomes a playable character after the game is beaten and all of the marbles have been found. Playing as Kim makes the game harder. Also, when playing as Kim, the final boss is actually Jim. Though it predates her first appearance in Earthworm Jim 3D, there was a brief scene in the intro of the animated series where Jim had a wig on. In that brief scene, he resembled Kim, except his wig was brown instead of blonde and he had no makeup on.

  • Old Grand Ma:

A boss in Earthworm Jim HD's computer-themed exclusive stages, she is an enemy appearing to destroy Earthworm Jim and acquire his suit. She is an old, knot-tying granny riding a jetpack.

  • Pitch the Cat:

A boss in Earthworm Jim HD's computer-themed exclusive stages, seeking to destoy Earthworm Jim. The Keyboard cat is inspired by Youtube popular video, and is anthropomorphic cat sitting and playing a musical keyboard.

Animated series exclusive characters

The following characters only appeared in the Earthworm Jim animated series.

  • Turns His Eyelids Inside-Out Boy (voiced by Dan Castellaneta): One of Jim's brief replacement sidekicks from the episode "Sidekicked". He made several subsequent appearances along with "The Hamsternator". He has the "power" to turn his eyelids inside out.
  • Shadow: A superhero that can make shadow puppets. He was one of Jim's brief replacement sidekicks from the episode "Sidekicked."
  • The Hamsternator (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A large, anthropomorphic hamster, The Hamstenator is one of several resident super heroes. Despite this status, he is rarely seen doing anything heroic. He has massive cheeks with the capacity to store large objects, and, as seen in the episode "Conqueror Worm", has a kind of obsessive compulsion to stuff things in them.
  • Johnny Dactyl (voiced by Jim Cummings): Appearing in one episode, Johnny Dactyl is a super hero who wears a pterodactyl suit. He speaks in a deep, threatening voice which is later shown to be a taped recording. Despite his terrifying appearance Johnny is seen to be a small, nerdy man beneath his costume.
  • Mrs. Bleverage (voiced by Andrea Martin): A woman who once lived next door to Jim. She is easily recognized for her shrill voice, her horrid yellow outfit, and her curler-laden hair (which is actually a "fakey wig"). Jim originally borrowed an egg beater from her, but forgot to bring it back with him after a trip to La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!). In an attempt to regain her respect (which he never had in the first place), Jim took her on a long journey to find the egg beater, only to learn while on Insectika that it was in his pocket the whole time. Mrs. Bleverage has since stayed on Insectika, and is actually a friend to Queen Slug-for-a Butt.
  • The Sword of Righteousness (voiced by Jim Cummings): An enchanted sword (which is clearly labelled on its hilt) who is found by Jim inside an ancient vending machine sandwich. According to the sword, he has been waiting centuries for a champion to bear its magical power, and he chooses Jim as its newest candidate. However, despite all the degrading and painful training that Jim is put through, the sword fails to mention that no one who wielded him has ever won a fight, and Jim tosses the sword away out of disgust which landed on the Planet of Easily Frightened People. He later makes a brief cameo in Hyper-Psycrow.
  • Walter (voiced by Jim Cummings): Jim's cellmate in the episode "Conquer Worm" when Jim is sent to prison because of Evil Jim's crimes. He has very neglected teeth and likes to use Jim as dental floss, to the point where he refers to him as "Floss" when they meet up in future episodes. While he is first introduced as a prison inmate, later episodes show him working several jobs, including working as a busboy or a mall Santa.
  • Zantor: Master of the Flying Toupée (voiced by Jim Cummings): A mustached man with a toupée that he seems to be able to telekinetically control at a certain extent, though it takes lots of struggling to just make it float briefly.
  • The Grim Reaper (voiced by Dan Castellaneta): The personification of death himself has appeared in four episodes. He has a brief cameo in the episode "Peanut of the Apes", where he rides on a skeletal horse, possibly a reference to him being a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the episode The "Wizard of Ooze", Jim meets his counterpart the Tin Reaper, a parody of the Tin Man. His appears again in the episode "For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls", where he complains about Santa Claus being more well-known than he is and is jealous that Santa appears in more forms of media. In his fourth appearance Earth Worm Jim is able to avoid a broken bridge, causing him to remark how he almost "had" Jim..
  • The President of the United States (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The unnamed President of the United States. A recurring gag has someone say that he doesn't look like the President and the President breaking the fourth wall by explaining that he is one of those generic presidents they use on TV to keep shows from being dated.


The series supports a good number of god-like characters.

  • The Great Worm Spirit (voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Christopher Walken): Jim's patron deity, whom he usually refers to in the most exaggerated way possible during monologues (By the Great Worm Spirit, whose mighty bristles strike the hammerblows of justice!). Both Jim and Psy-Crow have encountered the Great Worm Spirit twice. Jim first met him when he came to rescue the deity from his nemesis, the Anti-Fish, while Psy-Crow, having apparently served in Vietnam, met him when he pulled him into a foxhole to avoid a bombing. Both of them reunite with the Great Worm Spirit after one of their fights ends up destroying the entire universe, after which he restored everything. As the worm is the creator of the universe, if it is destroyed (eaten by the Anti-Fish) the universe will cease to exist. Being an omnipotent being, the Great Worm Spirit can assume many forms, such as a pink drum-banging bunny, a plate of cold beans, or a humorous TV weatherman. His true form, however, is that of a bearded, middle-aged man named Doug TenNapel. The Great Worm Spirit is briefly mentioned near the beginning of Earthworm Jim 3D.
  • The Gods: Nondescript gods who dwell in "The Fabled, Long-Sought Home of the Gods". They resemble pop culture depictions of the Greek Gods, although no God based on historical mythology actually appears. In the TV series, they were responsible for turning Professor Monkey-For-A-Head into a bread-maker when he tried to obtain a Battery of the Gods from them to power a back-up Super Suit. In "Assault and Battery," Jim and his friends only meet four of the Gods, The Doorman of the Gods (voiced by Charlie Adler) and the social "Gods in Training" named Jaepius: God of Puns (voiced by Dan Castellaneta), Perpsichore: Goddess of Disco (voiced by Kath Soucie), and Phlegmaphus: God of Nasal Discharge (voiced by Jim Cummings). On a related note in that episode, the "Gods in Training" did mention that the other gods were at a party at Valhalla. Earthworm Jim had to pass one of their challenges so that he can gain another "Battery of the Gods." He did so yet the only Battery of the Gods they had was in Perpsichore's cassette player.


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