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company_name = Accelrys
company_type = Public nasdaq|ACCL
genre =
foundation = 2001
founder =
location_city =
location_country =
location = San Diego, CA, USA
Cambridge, UK
Tokyo, Japan
origins =
key_people = Mark Emkjer, President and CEO
Rick Russo CFO
David Mersten Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Frank Brown Chief Science Officer
Rohit Shyam Chief Marketing Officer, VP Corporate Development & Strategy
Matt Hahn VP R&D

Rick Murphy VP Sales & Support
Judy Ohrn Hicks VP Human Resources
area_served =
industry = Life Sciences, Materials Science, Diversified Industries
products = See detailed listing
revenue = $81 Million
operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees = 375+
parent =
divisions =
subsid =
owner =
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Accelrys (nasdaq|ACCL) - Accelrys is the leader in Scientific Business Intelligence and Innovation that accelerates the discovery and development of novel therapeutics and materials. Accelrys develops and commercializes Scientific Business Intelligence software and solutions for the integration, mining, analysis, modeling, simulation, management and interactive reporting of scientific data. It provides solutions and products to Life Sciences and Material Sciences Industries, Government, and Academia worldwide.

Accelrys manages the Nanotechnology Consortium preoduces software tools for rational nanodesign. Accelrys has also created a SIG to develop the first ever biological registration system. The system is designed to capture IP for the biological entity and allow the users to uniquely identify each testable entity. Accelrys runs several SIGs focusing on automation and parameter generation.


* [ Pipeline Pilot] - Scientific Business Intelligence Platform
* [ Cheminformatics] - Cheminformatics
* [ Materials Studio] - Predictive Science for Materials Sciences
* [ Discovery Studio] - Predictive Science for Life Sciences

External links

* [ Accelrys Official Homepage]
* [ Accelrys Nanotech Consortium]

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