Kaiketsu Lion-Maru

, translated as "Swift Hero Lion Maru", was a Japanese tokusatsu television series that aired in 1972, produced by P Productions. It was set during the feudal era of Japan. This Lion Maru is called "the Beast-Transformed Ninja Warrior." This series' characters are reincarnated in the characters of "Lion-Maru G". The series was broadcasted in Italy in the late 70's, dubbed as "Ultralion".


*Shishimaru: Tetsuya Ushio
*Kaiketsu Lion Maru (suit actor): Kazuo Kamoshida
*Saori: Akiko Kujõ
*Kosuke: Norihiko Umechi
*Great Devil Gosuun (voice): Kiyoshi Kobayashi
*Tora Jōnosuke [episodes 27-30, 36-41] : Kõji Tonohiro
*Tora Jōnosuke [episodes 42-51] : Yoshitaka Fukushima
*Tiger Joe (suit actor): Shingo Fukushima
*Narrator: Daisaku Shinohara

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* [http://www.amuse-s-e.co.jp/p-pro/kaiketsu/ Kaiketsu Lion-Maru] DVD website
* [http://www.henshinhalloffame.com/lionmaru/ Kaiketsu Lion Maru - Swift Hero Lion Maru] , a fansite

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