Chimera, chimaira, or chimaera may refer to:



  • Chimera (genetics), a single animal organism with genetically distinct cells from two different zygotes
  • Chimera (plant), a single plant organism with genetically distinct cells from two different zygotes or from a mixed-species callus
  • Chimera (virus), a virus containing genetic material from other organisms
  • Chimera or fusion protein, a hybrid protein made by the splicing of two genes
  • Chimera (paleontology), a fossil which was reconstructed with parts from different animals
  • Chimaera (genus), the eponymous genus of the order Chimaeriformes
  • Chimaera, one of the common names of a group of cartilaginous fishes, members of the order Chimaeriformes
  • Chimera (EST), a single cDNA sequence originating from two transcripts

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  • Chimera (architecture), a fantastic, mythical or grotesque decorative feature
  • TVR Chimaera, a model of sports car made by TVR
  • Jason Chimera (born 1979), NHL ice hockey forward for the Washington Capitals
  • Ricardo Rodriguez (wrestler), professional wrestler formerly known as Chimaera

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  • House with Chimaeras, an architectural monument in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Chimeric or hybrid word, a mixture of Greek and Latin

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