Fuun Lion-Maru

, translated as "Storm Cloud Lion Maru", was a tokusatsu series that aired in Japan in 1973. It was the second series in the "Lion-Maru" trilogy, and featured a third Maru-like character named Black Jaguar. This Lion-Maru is deemed "the Rolling Tempest the Ninja Warrior." This series was popularized in Brazil as "Lion Man" in 1989.


*Shishimaru Dan: Tetsuya Ushio
*Fuun Lion-Maru: Kazuo Kamoshida
*Shinobu/Shizue (ep 17-18): Ryoko Miyano
*Sankichi: Tsunehiro Arai
*Mantle God (voice): Kiyoshi Kobayashi
*Agdar (voice): Tōru Ōhira
*Yoba/Black Jaguar: Masaki Hayasaki:
*Jōnosuke Tora: Yoshitaka Fukushima
*Tiger Joe, Jr.: Shingo Fukushima

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* [http://www.amuse-s-e.co.jp/p-pro/index.html Fuun Lion-Maru] DVD site
*A [http://incolor.inebraska.com/stuart/lionmaru/fuun.htm Fuun Lion Maru] fansite

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