Sumed pipeline

The Sumed pipeline (also known as "Suez-Mediterranean pipeline") is a .

The pipeline is owned by Arab Petroleum Pipeline Company, a joint venture of EGPC (50%, Egypt), Saudi Aramco (15%, Saudi Arabia), ADNOC (15% the United Arab Emirates), three Kuwaiti companies (each of 5%), and QGPC (5%, Qatar).

The extension of the Sumed is being considered. The proposed extension would traverse the Red Sea from Ain Sukhna to the Saudi coast near Sharm al Sheikh, and from there to the terminal of Saudi Arabia's main east-west pipeline in Yanbu.


= SUMED Mission ="'

Contribution to world economy growth, development and prosperity through transporting crude oil efficiently and at competitive cost in addition to offering relevant services that complement and augment the main activity.

Sumed provides the most reliable, secure and economic route for Arab Gulf crude oil movements to the consuming refining centres in the West.

Adopting a customer-oriented strategy, Sumed considers customers as business partners with whom we build a long-term relationship based on mutual benefits.

Acknowledging that technology is a key and seeking superiority in serving customers, investing in modernizing and updating the equipment and systems to meet the latest international standards.

SUMED Quick Facts

* SUMED Pipelines system was designed and constructed to move oil from the Gulf of Suez to the Mediterranean. * Twin parallel pipelines. * Length: 320 Kilometers. .Diameter: 42 inches. * Crosses River Nile South of Cairo and other streams * Construction began 1974 and was completed December 1976. * First oil moved through and shipped January 1977. * Upgrading design capacity to 117 MTA, September 1994. * Over 18.6 billion barrels have been transported through the system. [

Sumed history

* Jan 1974

Establishment of SUMED entity by the law no. 7, 1974.

* Apr 1974

Startup of construction with a capacity of 40 mn tons/year.

* Dec 1976

Discharging the first tanker "Esso Rotterdam" at Ain Sukhna.

* Jan 1977

Loading the first tanker "Esthel" from Sidi Kerir.

* Oct 1978

Startup of the second phase with a capacity of 80 mn tons/year.

* Jan 1992

SUMED life extension for 27 years, ending Jan 2028, by the law n. 10, 1992.

* Aug 1995

Startup the third phase with a capacity of 117 mn tons/year.

* Nov 1996

Inauguration of the first phase to increase storage capacity at Sidi Kerir to 3.2 million cubic meter total system capacity.

* Aug 1997

Inauguration of the second phase to increase storage capacity at Sidi Kerir to 3.7 million cubic meter total system capacity.

* Sept. 1997

Discharging the first tanker "Lucina" to be partially discharged At Ain Sukhna as an enhancement to cooperation between Sumed and Suez Canal.

* Jan 2004

Startup of the backloading project by modifying two S.P.Ms at Sidi kerir to enable receiving crude and reloading it again from the same location.

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