Species Dog
Breed Jack Russell Terrier
Sex Male
Born 1989
Died 13 January 2007
Nation from British
Owner Rick Stein

Chalky was TV chef Rick Stein's rough-haired Jack Russell Terrier dog, who regularly accompanied Stein when filming his popular cookery shows and became recognised and popular in his own right - many of Stein's friends and interviewees claimed he was more famous than the chef himself.

The fearless, ferocious yet frequently affectionate terrier was a perfect foil to Stein's phlegmatic demeanor, and added notes of humour (frequently unintentional) to the series. An example was his name. Chalky had his own line of merchandise, including plushes, teatowels, art prints, art paw prints and two speciality beers - Chalky's Bite and Chalky's Bark, brewed by Sharp's Brewery.

Chalky was born in August 1989 and died on 13 January 2007, and was still filming with Rick until the last month of his life. His popularity was such that Conservative Member of Parliament Andrew Pelling tabled a motion in the House of Commons lamenting his death.


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