Richter can refer to the Richter magnitude scale, a scale measuring the strength of earthquakes.

Richter is also a surname:

* Adrian Ludwig Richter, 19th century German artist
* Aemilius Ludwig Richter, 19th century German jurist
* Albert Richter (1912-1940), German track cyclist and World Champion
* Andy Richter, comedian
* Anton Karl Richter, Austrian organist, son of Ferdinand Tobias Richter
* August Gottlieb Richter, German surgeon
* Burton Richter, Nobel laureate in physics
* Charles Francis Richter, inventor of the Richter magnitude scale
* Conrad Richter, Pulitzer Prize winning Western novelist
* Eugen Richter, German politician
* Ferdinand Tobias Richter, Austrian Baroque composer and organist
* Francis Xavier Richter, rancher and entrepreneur in 19th Century British Columbia and Washington
* Francis Xavier Richter, Jr., MLA in the Canadian province of British Columbia from 1963 to 1975
* Franz Xaver Richter, Classical-era Czech composer.
* Gerhard Richter, Preeminent 20th century German painter
* Gustav Richter, 19th century German artist
* Gustav Richter, 20th century German Nazi official
* Hans Richter, Dada artist, filmmaker and writer
* Hans Richter, German actor and director
* Hans Richter, German conductor
* Henjo Richter, German guitarist
* Jamie Richter, Australian author of slipstream, technology-themed horror, and dark speculative fiction.
* Jason James Richter, American actor
* Jeffrey Richter, author of books on programming for Windows and .NET
* Jean Paul Friedrich Richter, German novelist and author
* Jeremias Benjamin Richter, German chemist who developed the stoichiometry theory
* Johnny Richter, member of the rapcore, alternative punk rock group, the Kottonmouth Kings
* Julius Richter, German theologian
* Danielle Richter, Sabres aficionado and author of 'Hinduism: The Ancient Devotion'
* Karl Richter, German conductor
* Karl W. Richter, American aviator
* Max Richter, German-born classical composer
* Mike Richter, American ice hockey player
* Pat Richter, football player for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Washington Redskins, later athletic director of the UW-Madison
* "Richter", the right-hand man villain in the science fiction thriller Total Recall
* Ronald Richter, Austrian head of the infamous Argentine Huemul Project
* Roy Richter, American auto racer, inventor, businessman
* Simona Richter, Romanian judoka
* Sviatoslav Richter, Russian pianist
* Travis Richter, guitarist of the American rock band, From First to Last

The name Richter also appears in:

* The Richter scale developed in 1825 to which harmonicas are commonly tuned
* Gedeon Richter Ltd., a Hungarian pharmaceutical company, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange
* Richter (toy company), a German toy manufacturer from the early 20th century
* Richter Belmont, a character from the Castlevania game series

See also:
*Richter's transformation or Richter's syndrome, a complication of blood-related neoplasms

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