Consort Xiang

Consort Xiang
Spouse Daoguang Emperor
Daoguang's second daughter
Princess Shouzang
Yicong, Prince Qin of Dun
Posthumous name
Emperor grandfather's Consort Xiang 皇祖祥妃

Worthy Lady Xiang 祥贵人
1823-1825: Concubine Xiang 祥嫔
1825-?: Consort Xiang 祥妃
Worthy Ladu Xiang
1850-1861: Emperor father's Consort Xiang 皇考祥妃
Died 1861

Consort Xiang (? - 1861) was a concubine of the Daoguang Emperor.



Consort Xiang, née Niuhuru (鈕祜祿氏), was the daughter of Jiufu (久福), who was a descendent of Eidu's tenth son Yirteng (伊尔登) (? - 1663). She entered the Forbidden City in Beijing during the beginning of Emperor Daoguang's reign (1820 - 1850) and was given the title of worthy lady Xiang (祥; auspicious). In 1823 she was promoted to the rank of an imperial concubine. She gave birth to two daughters and a son. Sometime after the birth of her son Yicung she was demoted for a reason unknown [1], but she was promoted by one rank after the death of Emperor Daoguang in 1850. Consort Xiang died in the eleventh year of Emperor Xianfeng's reign at the mountain resort in Chengde. She was later interred in the Muling mausoleum for Imperial Concubines and restored to a third rank consort by the Tongzhi Emperor.


  1. Daoguang's second daughter (1825)
  2. Princess of the second rank Shouzang (壽臧和碩公主 ; Shouzang Hosoi Gongju) (1829 - 1856).
  3. Prince Yicung (奕誴) (1831 - 1889).


  1. ^ Consort Xiang's father was caught for corruption just before Consort Xiang was demoted. Records do not state that this was the reason for her being demoted.


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