Anubhava Mantapa

Anubhava Mantapa (Kannada: ಅನುಭವ ಮಂಟಪ) was an academy of mystics, saints and philosophers of the Veerashaiva faith in the 12th century. It was the fountainhead of all religious and philosophical thought pertaining to the Veerashaivas. It was presided over by the mystic Allama Prabhu and numerous Sharanas from all over Karnataka and other parts of India were participants. This institution was also the fountainhead of the Vachana literature which was used as the vector to propagate Veerashaiva religious and philosophical thought. Other giants of Veerashaiva theosophy like Akka Mahadevi, Channabasavanna and Basavanna himself were participants in the Anubhava Mantapa. The Anubhava Mantapa was originally called the Shivanubhava Mantapa.

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