Suez (disambiguation)

Suez is a seaport town in north-eastern Egypt. It can also be used to describe the following:

*Suez Canal, a large artificial maritime canal in Egypt
**Suez Canal Authority, the authority which owns and maintains the Suez Canal
**Suez Canal Bridge, a road bridge crossing the Suez Canal
**Suez Canal Company, the French corporation that constructed the Suez Canal
**Suez Canal overhead line crossing, an important electrical power line built across the Suez Canal
*Suez (company), a French-based multinational corporation
*"Suez" (film), a 1938 epic film starring Tyrone Power and Loretta Young
*Suez Canal Stadium, a stadium located in Suez
*Suez Cement, an Egyptian football club based in Suez
*Suez Crisis, a war fought in Egypt in 1956. The conflict pitted Egypt against Israel, the United Kingdom and France.
*Suez Port, a port located at the southern boundary of Suez Canal
*Suez Stadium, a multi-use stadium in Suez, the home stadium of Suez Cement
*Suez Steel, a steel company located in Ababia, Egypt
*Suez triangle, a concept favoured in the political literature of the early 1980s Soviet Bloc

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